• More Awesome "Our Town" Remixes - In Our Town (174UDSI Remix) / In Our Town - SharaX

    If you are like me, you have probably watched/listened to this song 100 times already. You may or may not also find yourself falling for Starlight Glimmer. Why am I weak to villain ponies? What part of my brain causes me to like them? Am I secretly a master criminal just begging to escape and wreak havoc?

    Anyway... We have more remixes of the song from two more musicians! Head on down below the break for a super upbeat electronic version from 174UDSI, followed by one from someone relatively new with a more pop/dance feel and completely re-recorded vocals. It reminds me of that Freezepop band from the Guitar Hero games. Good times.

    Get Both below!

    1.) In Our Town (174UDSI Remix)
    2.) [Mlp Song Remix] SharaX - In Our Town