• Bronystudy Pre-Season 5 Survey Ending Soon!

    The end of the Brony Study survey gathering is upon us. With season 5 right around the corner, the team behind it is shutting up shop soon. If you want to contribute still, head on over to their website before the deadline. It will close after the episode airs.

    Take it over here!

    And extra information below!

    1) Last chance to complete the Pre-season 5 Survey at Bronystudy.com.

    This survey will be taken down tomorrow morning as the first episode of season 5 airs so if you have not taken part please help us in our effort to understand how the fandom is changing.

    2) All BRONY MEET UP ADMINS... please sign up on our website for the admin group and share with us your group's Season 5 premier activities!

    Hope to see you all at BronyCon 2015... Dr Psych Ology