• Game: Mystery of the Apple Thief

    We can't have a Derpy Day with a Derpy game to go with it! After some time in development, Mystery of the Apple Thief has released. Similar to other platformers out there the game should be familiar in mechanics to a lot of you.

    Check on after the break for a download link as well as links to more information on the game.

    Apples are disappearing all over Equestria and Fluttershy has gone missing! There's only one pony who can stand against the approaching darkness, and it just so happens to be the one in the title! I mean it was kind of obvious, it'd be really strange to have her name there and then be about somepony else.

    The game was designed for all ages and skill levels. If you have any questions, need tech support, or want to post a let's play, you can do so in this very thread. The game also comes with a readme which will probably answer most technical questions.

    The game is meant to run on Windows operating systems and shouldn't be a problem except on extremely old hardware. If you're a Mac/Linux user, I'd be intrigued to find out if the game runs under Wine.

    The extended credits are in the zip file's Credits.txt. But, the major contributers were Mystic Blare (art/design), That Technique (music), and myself (almost everything else).

    Development of the game started last year, but due to Mystic's being a college student, didn't really start until January 2015. He just wanted to make a game using the art style of his chibi pixel ponies blog, and I made the rest happen. That Technique was brought on board when the game was about 90% completed to do the music.

    If you want to support other work by the same developers, for the love of Celestia go to this tumblr and support it. I'm Charmixy's programmer and I really want to have a full time job make a free game for everyone to play.

    Now go play it, because March 1st is Derpy Day.

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