• Friends Forever #14 - What Did you Think? What Did We Think? Discussion Time!

    We are trying something new for the comics since a lot of you requested this. Considering a good chunk of the comic readers buy physical copies, the actual main post tends to not work too well for discussion for those picking it up later in the day.

    Since full on comic followups are sort of a legal gray area in a medium like this, we probably can't go that far, but why not drop a few points to go with it? Head on down below the break for my thoughts on the comic, some standout moments, and discuss away in the comments!

    Spike and Luna kinda hits both sides of that popularity spectrum doesn't it? Seeing the two of them team up is actually pretty interesting. I was looking forward to this one, and not just because I have a huge bias toward MOON!

    So far in the actual show, dragons have only been douchebags outside of Spike. Between the one camping out smogging up Ponyville, and  the teenagers during the migration event, they haven't exactly had the most amazing picture painted as a race.

    Friends Forever 14 goes a lot deeper than that though. We are delving into serious pony society issues this time around! 

    Now that we know all dragons aren't dicks, I feel pretty bad for them overall. Their role in Equestria seems to very much be that of a lower class citizen if the initial discussion between Mina and her dragon buddies is any indication. Can you imagine if white people only portrayed black people as a villain role in media here on Earth?  RIOTS IN THE STREETS! Welcome to the life of dragons, where the only comic that doesn't show them as the evil princess stealing monster is the one written by them. Maybe Equestria is pre-civil rights movement? Or maybe they are refugees butting into an unwelcoming ponyland from their giant dragon empire in the West?

    I think that aspect surprised me the most.  I wonder if the other sapient races fall under the IRON HOOF of ponykind? Are Applejack's cows happy?

    Here I am obsessing over world building, lets get back on topic! The comic itself was a fun little romp, and probably one of the more interesting Spike focused storylines we've seen so far, if a little straightforward. It's always difficult to tell who the target demo is on the comics. Their storylines tend to be relatively simple.

    I can tell these newer folks are getting the hang working in the pony setting. This one had a lot more behind the scenes quips and humor that you only usually find from Katie and Andy, and Agnes is definitely pulling off the pony form, even if we didn't get to see a whole lot of it here. In the end, I enjoyed it!

    So good citizens of EQD, what did you think?