• Friendship Games Spoilers, Zap Codes, Coco Pommel and More! Toy Fair 2015 Booth Tour

    Inside the Magic has released a tour of the Hasbro booth with Hasbro representatives going over each of their major product lines. Quite a bit is revealed from the Equestria Girls: Friendship Games movie, along with specific looks at each toy.

    Zap Codes in particular are going to be a huge piece of the 2015 lineup, with a downloadable app that lets you scan your toys for specific things using "Zapper codes" on each.

    Another set that wasn't really detailed earlier in was the new "Fashion Pony" lineup, including glorious Coco Pommel. If Funko never releases a version of her, I'm going to be all over that.

    Get the video below the break!

    Note: Some Friendship Games far spoilers too below and in the video.

    Extra Equestria Girls Spoilers Below:

    Movie is based around the "Friendship Games", where another rival school "Crystal Prep" always wins.  Maybe EG Twilight Sparkle attends Crystal prep?

    Blossoming romances with Flash Sentry seems to be Twilight's focus for, at least the presenter played it up.

    Midnight Sparkle is happening at the end of the movie, though no detail on how that will happen.