• Music of the Day #456

    I'd kill for a action adventure style Zelda pony game.  That would be the greatest thing. Why don't you fandom people go ahead and get on that? The Legend of Luna maybe?

    Onward to Music of the day below!

    [1] Source
    Sounds of Chaos Mason al'Cat

    [2] Source
    Time of Trial (2015) - Avrx

    [3] Source
    Sunset Shimmer- Got the Music in our Hearts (The Rainbooms)

    [4] Source
    DasDeer - Fluttershy's Battle Theme

    [5] Source
    Awoken - H8_Seed + Glaze [ESP] (Ray Scratch Cover)
    Spanish Cover

    [6] Source
    Mathematicus & AdamTh3Walker - Blue Fast
    Funk Rock

    [7] Source
    Unsung Secrets (A Ponky Parody)

    [8] Source
    Speedy Tempo - Love is in Bloom (Bride of Discord Parody)