• Everfree Northwest Community Guest Applications Now Open

    While Everfree Northwest is promising an exciting time with their VIP guests from the show they know how important community guests are to the whole scheme of things. On that note, EFNW has opened up its applications for community guests!

    Check on after the break to get the information you need to sign up.

    Hello fillies and gentlecolts! Everfree Northwest is pleased to announce that Community Guest Applications are now open! Have you ever wanted to be featured as a special guest at EFNW? Well, now’s your chance! Submissions/suggestions will be open until March 31st.

    All submission will be considered, but unfortunately not everyone is guaranteed to be chosen as a Community Guest. Much as we would like to, we do not have enough budget nor resources to feature everyone. It does not matter how many fans a person may have, or how many views or watches. Everyone is welcome to submit an application and have a fair chance at being a Community Guest.

    A Community Guest is someone who has consistent high quality work and/or whose works are known throughout a major part of the MLP fandom. These are not necessarily requirements, and are not the only things considered when choosing Community Guests. We are aware that there are many up and coming fandom creators, who may not have the same amount of popularity as some creators, but whose work shows promise and quality. Don’t be scared to apply because you don’t feel you’re “famous enough.”

    If you would like to be considered as a Community Guest at Everfree Northwest 2015, please fill out this form: http://derpy.me/psmgy

    If you would like to suggest a Community Guest that you feel would be a great addition to EFNW 2015, please fill out this form: http://derpy.me/cjm3p

    Can’t wait to see all the great talent that will be coming our way!
    Please direct any questions to [email protected]com.

    Twitter: Calpain