• Discussion: What Character Evolution Do You Want to See Your Favorite Pony Go Through in Season 5?

    Every season, it seems like Twilight Sparkle here goes through some humongous change that SHAKES THE FOUNDATION OF EQUESTRIA.  The rest of the mane 6? Not so much.  Their changes tend to be incidental to their specific episodes, though we do get some continuity (Rainbow Dash and reading for example).

    Good Citizens of Equestria Daily, you once again have one of those hypothetical blank checks to evolve any character you wish from the show with your very own episode.  It can be a tiny emotional change that improves Rainbow Dashes ability to not come off as a douchebag, or as major as turning Fluttershy into a dragon, the choice is entirely yours!

    Who gets the evolution treatment? Which pony is season 5 going to revolve around? Get it done in the comments below! And no need to limit yourself to the Mane 6.  Luna can totally take Trixie on as an apprentice if you want... (please)