• Bonbon (Sweetie Drops) and New Mystery Pony Honey Rays Cutie Mark Magic Brushables Appear on Amazon In Stock

    Amazon is listing a couple of the Cutie Mark Magic brushables that have appeared sporadically over the past few months for the collectors among you.  Bonbon is available with way too many candy wrappers, and the new one, Honey Rays, joins her.

    So, who do you think this Honey Rays is?  Considering Cutie Mark Magic looks to be the next major marketing push with possible Season 5 ties, she could be a character from the future.  Either that or she's one of many HASBROC's as we call them, with no show presence at all.  From the box art, she appear to have used a slightly edited Cheerilee template for the mane and tail. This wouldn't be the first time a more important character got recolor treatment though. 

    Anyway, have some Amazon links:

    Sweetie Drops
    Wings Honey Rays

    And get the exact descriptions and more below!

    Thanks to The Coop for the heads up. 

    Your pony adventures are about to be charmed! Your Honey Rays pony figure is the same beautiful pal as always, but now she's got wings. And those wings are just as pretty as her hair and tail! She comes with 3 charms that she can share with other ponies (other figures sold separately). Are you ready for the charmed magic of friendship.with wings? Your Friendship Charm Wings Honey Rays figure sure is! My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

    • Winged pony figure looks like Honey Rays
    • Figure's beautiful wings are glittery
    • Comes with 3 charms
    • Share charms with other ponies (other figures sold separately)
    • Includes pony figure, wings and charms

    Your Sweetie Drops figure is a sweet pony who really understands the magic of friendship! This lovely little pony figure is pretty all on her own, but she comes with a necklace and charm that you can use to make her even more beautiful. Adventures will be even saucier when you have this Sweetie Drops figure at your side! My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
    • My Little Pony figure
    • Figure looks like Sweetie Drops
    • Includes charm and necklace
    • Includes figure, necklace and charm