• Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 6

    Hey ho everypony! We're quickly approaching the end of the first week of the ATG and you all have been doing marvelously so far. Processing the images today I've seen a lot of new artists trying their hands at this as well as some very unique mediums used to boot such as our little AJ up there tonight.

    Calpain here to do his part for the ATG by letting Phoe have a night off. Never fear though, she is here is spirit and is cheering you all on as we enter day six. Hope you guys aren't feeling too fatigued because you've been doing amazingly with the numbers so far by contributing a further 498 ponies to the pile, bringing our five day total to 3016 images!

    Now on to tonight's prize! I hope you all have been enjoying our little treats throughout this event. It's our way of saying thanks for participating and to have a happy holiday season! You all know of Shapeways and their recent endorsement by Hasbro to make amazing pony sculptures, right? Well, tonight you have a chance to own fainting couch Rarity here if you participate in today's event.

    I bet you're all waiting with bated breath for tonight's winner, eh? The lucky winner of the AJ Bank for Day 4 is #310, a lovely Fluttershy and Angel piece by Beth. We shall be in touch with you soon.

    Last, but certainly not least, is tonight's prompt straight from Phoe! Ponies live in a world full of mythos and adventure so there has to be some crazy stories to tell. So tonight we want you to realize amazing tales and stretch your imagination as you draw a: Pony Legend/ A Pony Larger Than Life.

    Submit your creations to here as usual by December 7, 9 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). Don't be afraid of being a little late, I'm just as lenient as Phoe when it comes to late submissions. Good luck everyone and check after the break for all our great entries for Day 5!

    Twitter: Calpain