• Hasbro Absorbs Liongate's Micheal Burns For Future Movie Work

    Hasbro's board of directors has shifted once again, as is the norm for these large companies. Lions Gate big wig Micheal Burns has signed on to help continue their theater seat domination with the various Hasbro brands entering that space. Chances are, pony will be one of them with the big budget major movie releasing in 2017.

    A quote from Market Watch:

    “Michael’s financial acumen and extensive operational experience in developing and distributing award-winning original content make him an excellent addition to Hasbro’s Board of Directors,” said Hasbro Chairman Alfred J. Verrecchia. “We welcome him to the Board and look forward to working with him as we execute our content-led branded play strategy and explore new opportunities to deliver content directly to consumers.”
    "The media expertise that Michael brings to Hasbro and our Board is invaluable and we believe that he will make a tremendous addition to our already strong Board of Directors,

     Here's to hoping this means more good things! That pony movie needs to take over the world!

    Thanks to SleepySteve and JohnMellen for sending it!