• Music of the Day #385

    I never was a huge Sunset Shimmer fan before the second movie. Now I want more of her. In pony form of course.

    Get some Music of the Day below! Lets call it dubstep day, because that's mainly what this one is.

    [1] Source
    OhPonyBoy - The Blob Symphony (Flyghtning vision 1)

    [2] Source
    Starlight - Rainbow Rain (PlexiTofer Remix)

    [3] Source
    Symphonia Lunaris (The Lunar Symphony)

    [4] Source
    JOSHH - Fall of Equestria (Fallout: Equestria themed MLP Dubstep)

    [5] Source
    PeKaNo - Lunar Obsession [Based on a fanfiction]

    [6] Source
    That Classy Changling - Four Strings

    [7] Source
    Don't Let The Spark Die

    [8] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - The Sunset (Original Mix)
    Instrumental - Trance