• Tutorial and Meetup Map Reminders

    Heya everyone! Cal here with a reminder of two sections of our site that newer folks might not know about. A little over a year ago we unveiled the Meetup Map and the Tutorial page, resources for the community to not only find other pony fans in their area, but also to contribute to the community by learning from guides provided by skilled artists in our fandom. Since their unveil all that time ago, and especially after the site redesign that moved links to these resources off the front page, submissions for each have slowed down quite a bit.

    So, if any one of you out there have tutorials to share or meetup groups you want added to the map, please send them to [email protected] with either Meetup Group or Tutorial in your subject line. If it's your first time hearing of either of these resources, check them out! We really hope they help.

    Meetup Map
    Tutorial Page

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