• Stay Brony My Friends Episode 82 with Heather Nuhfer

    You like charity, don't you random pony fan?  We have another one from Dustykatt here, this time with comic whiz Heather Nuhfer. Full press release can be found below the break!

    Stay Brony My Friends slides on over into the Comics realm this week at we welcomed Heather Nuhfer to the show to talk about all her writing of our favorite pastel ponies!

    We talked about Nightmare Rarity, The Bookworm, Pirates, Fraggle Rock, Scooby Doo and vampires! It was not a show to miss, so check the youtube upload later in the week.

    We are still taking donations on Ian and Claire Corrlet's charity from last show as we had a hang over from BronyCon, so you can still help the British Columbia SPCA if you wish.

    Heather on the other hoof, is supporting "The Gentle Barn Foundation"

    Animals can be healers and teachers, especially for children, but many children do not get a chance to meet our four-legged friends. The Gentle Barn Foundation does exactly that, and so much more.

    Giving children who are at risk of being absorbed into destructive lifestyles a chance to bond with animals accomplishes great good, and not just for children. By making people aware of animals as thinking, feeling beings, the need for treating all animals in humane manner becomes second-nature… and with that, the need to treat our fellow man well, too.

    There is a second benefit to bringing children and farm animals into contact with each other. Not only does this help guide at-risk children into compassionate lives, it also raises awareness that agricultural animals are in need of protection too. While pets and wild animals get the press for issues of ethical treatment, agricultural animals are often overlooked. The Gentle Barn Foundation is helping to close that gap.

    And this is your chance to help them do so. When you donate, your dollars will support the work of the Gentle Barn. Mistreated agricultural animals will be rescued, children will learn the lessons of kindness and compassion, and your good karma score will go through the roof. And as always, Caerdwyn will match donations one dollar for five, up to a hundred dollars in matching funds, so let’s get on it!

    Round ‘em up, Winona!

    Giveaways for this one are 5 packs of MLP CCG Canterlot nights, Awesome wall sticker of our favorite mane 6 girls, a Luna from the last McDonalds MLP set and if we crack 500 bits Heather is kicking in 4 signed comics!

    Once again thank you all for your continued support for our ongoing charity drives!

    Dustykatt & Screwball