• Reminder: Dessolation of Archie Fundraiser Event Tomorrow

    The schedule for the Dessolation of Archie event tomorrow has been released, with some of the top musicians in the fandom all banding together to help the cause.  As always, the full press release can be found below the break! Expect the album to drop right after on the 17th. 

    An album release for a great cause like this one wouldn’t be complete without a celebration of the people who helped make it possible, and the amazing musical community that we foster.
    That’s why, for a full 24 hours before the album launch, the hosts and DJs at Ponyville Live’s electronic and live DJ station PonyvilleFM are bringing you a live stream of the best electronic music, interviews with the musicians who made the album possible, and a sneak peek at the songs from the album itself.
    These awesome musicians joined together to support their fellow brony in his time of need. All of the proceeds from sales of this new album will go to fund much-needed surgery for Archie.
    The album will release on Sunday, August 17, 2014 at 1:00am Eastern, and will be available via Archie’s Bandcamp page: http://mrarchie.bandcamp.com/

    Some of Archie’s fans know about his health situation, but for those of you who don’t, here’s a quick summary:
    Several months ago, Archie began experiencing severe headaches, migraines, nausea, pain, fever and other symptoms. A trip to the doctor initially revealed a kidney infection, but further investigation showed a more sinister cause for his problems: an arachnoid cyst that is growing near his spinal cord, pressing on vital nerves and quickly becoming potentially life-threatening.
    Because of the cyst’s proximity to Archie’s vital organs, removal is a very risky process that carries with it the danger of a rupture or lethal infection. Unfortunately, surgery is the only remaining option as the cyst continues to grow. Over the next 6-24 months, the growing cyst will put increasing pressure on his spinal column, slowly debilitating and possibly eventually killing him.
    For more on Archie’s condition, including supporting documentation and x-ray scans, visit the Wolf Beats page dedicated to his fundraiser.
    For years now, Archie has poured his heart and soul into his music, and the brony community owes him an immense debt of gratitude for the amazing music he has produced. His music has not only kept us all entertained throughout the years, but it has inspired many of our favorite musicians to take the plunge into music production themselves. Because of the influence Archie has had on the pony music world, many of our favorite musicians put their minds together and produced this amazing album to support his continuing health.
    The stream starts at 1:00am Eastern on Saturday, August 16, at http://ponyvillelive.com/. Stop by and tune in to support our friend Archie, celebrate brony music, and get hyped up for the new album!