• Nightly Roundup #1030

    I can't wait for more MAUD PIE.  Too bad this hiatus is hell or I'd be more excited for more MAUD PIE.  You should all go tell your friends to come here and suggest stuff for us to do while we wait.  Calpain said he was going to do the friendoff thing, and Phoe might join him for the Artist Training grounds, but we need more to survive! THRIVE!

    And get your roundup stuff below as always.

    Abridged: Quiddisi World Cup Training!

    Saying Goodbye: How Rainbow Dash Changed My View of Life

    Lots of Dashy!

    WTOP Radio Washington, D.C. covers bronies

    Ponies sure do love radio.

    Get it over here!

    Thanks to SleepySteve for the heads up.

    Winter Wrap-Up on Olivetti M-15 plus

    Oldschool tech!


    An Appeal for Angel - by Corpulent Brony

    Get this one over here!

    Pony Solar System (Shadow's Theory/Headcannon)

    Get it over here!

    Friendship is Dragons 3 Year Anniversary

    Friendship is Dragons, the D&D/MLP webcomic in the same style as DM of the Rings and Darths and Droids, has been updating every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for the last three years as of yesterday, July 28th. In that time, it's spawned a d20 system and a podcast, introduced many people to both MLP and tabletop gaming in general, and has otherwise served as common ground for the pony RPG niche community.


    Successful Meetups

    Ocean Beach Meetup in San Francisco

    Ed Prins-Stairs here. I would have submitted this photo a week ago when the meet up actually happened, but I was suffering from a severe sunburn and wanted to rest and recover first. Anyway, this July 26th meet up was at Ocean Beach in San Francisco and we all had a great time despite the sunburns. Also, the guy in the cowboy hat is A.J. Gutierrez, one of the animators of Zachery Rich's Double Rainboom and TrueTail, director of the opening ceremonies animation for BABScon 2014, and a good friend of mine along with many others there.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Burning Filly Bonfire and Cookout

    Burning Filly Bonfire and Cookout is a night of food, friendship, and fun held to raise awareness of our group's efforts to start a pony convention in San Diego!
    Admission is free, but please consider donating.  The top 5 donators get a free Mission Belle apron!

    RSVP at the meetup event page

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Fluttershy Plushie
    Flutterbat Figure
    Nightmare Moon Art
    Chryalis Art