• Music of the Day #367

    I was going to say it would be awesome if the ponies did a rock band episode, but then I realized they do that in humanland in the next movie.

    I still think it would be fun to see them do it with hooves though.

    Now get some Music of the Day! 

    [1] Source
    EpiPony - Dream Walker (feat. Blast Beat)
    Instrumental - Progressive Metal

    [2] Source
    REDD - When It Rains (Original Mix)
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [3] Source
    Agents of Discord - Brony Anthem /) Original Mix (\

    [4] Source
    Living Tombstone, MicTheMicrophone - Sister Hate (AndanteSkie's Sibling Rivalry Mix) (Prod. By AoD)

    [5] Source
    Up In The Sky (Fluttershy Cover)

    [6] Source
    Dr. Pinkie and Miss Pie ALIVE cover (Pinkie Singing Version)
    Vocal - Cover

    [7] Source
    Little Hen? - Skypause BGP
    Vocal - Folk Music

    [8] Source
    Midnight Breeze & Firedogx - Trance Room

    [9] Source
    fractilx - Rainbow Trance [Rainbow Falls Re-Interpretation]
    Instrumental - Trance

    [10] Source
    Dr Pinkie and Miss Pie CONFRONTATION Cover (Pinkie Singing Version)
    Vocal - Cover

    [11] Source
    The L Train & Arturo Fonseca - The Library Jam