• Lots More Pony in World of Diving

    World of Diving has popped up in the Nightly Roundup a few times these last few months, and quite a bit of progress has been made on the fan designed ship ideas.  The pony side is even starting to pop up on gaming media

    For those that haven't been following it, World of Diving is a Massive Multiplayer online simulation game set deep beneath the waves.  With a big focus on support for Occulus Rift, it's taking the idea of simulation to a whole nother level.

    What better way to celebrate this than with ponies? Quite a bit of ponies in fact.  Head on down below the break for a video, as well as a bunch of concept images for pony related things.

    Get a bunch of images, and a video below!

    (Pony at :40)

    Thanks to everyone for sending it, and PK spamming my twitter feed with responses for the heads up! Forum thread over here.