• Giant 7 Artist Shadowbox Set Heading to BronyCon Charity Auction

    The folks over at The Paper Pony on Deviant Art have grouped up with a bunch of the big name artists in the fandom for a huge contribution to the BronyCon Charity auction.  You probably recognize some of these names:

    Rainbow Dash: Original artwork provided by John Joseco (@JJCareksims)
    Twilight Sparkle: Original artwork provided by Cat Whitney: (@Cat_Whitney)
    Pinkie Pie: Original artwork by Leekfish (@Leekfish)

    Applejack: Original artwork by SophieCabra (@SophieCabra)
    Fluttershy: Original artwork by Jaded Jynx (@Avlyss90)
    Rarity: Original artwork by Pixelkitties (@pixelkitties)

    Head on down below the break for all of them! Whoever wins the auction wins the entire set.  Good luck!