• My Little Pony CCG Seeking Convention Volunteers!

    Ahuizotl wants YOU!

    With the Summer convention season upon us the My Little Pony CCG could use some more helping hooves! Between showing how the game works to brand new players and helping to judge MLP: CCG events, there's plenty to be done.

    And plenty to be earned! All volunteers receive Enterplay credit for their help, and the most dedicated volunteers at each event are always rewarded above and beyond the credit, like perhaps with that very rare promo card pictured above? And sometimes more!

    If you'll be heading to TrotCon, Everfree Northwest, Fiesta Equestria, MLP Fair, San Diego Comic Con, BronyCon, or Gen Con, and you'd like to help out by volunteering as a demoer or judge, please go to this survey!

    Thank you! And if you're interested in helping out at TrotCon, please fill out the form ASAP!