• Music of the Day #334

    Luna Vs. Nutella.  I miss those old fics sometimes, and the music they spun off.  Oldschool pony!

    And below the break, new school pony! Get it all.

    [1] Source
    EA- Rainbow Factory/Awoken (Remix)
    Remix - Progressive Metal

    [2] Source
    Steven, A.D. - Summer is Here (ft. AshenFlash)
    Smooth Pop

    [3] Source
    Synthis - Don't Get Lost (taƵe Remix)

    [4] Source
    Reuel - Rocks
    Instrumental - Haus

    [5] Source
    Vampire Bats (MLP Remix) - Trap
    Remix - Trap

    [6] Source
    Screams From Equestria - Smile
    Vocal - Soft Rap

    [7] Source
    Spacebaseloop - Push Start

    [8] Source
    Asi Meskin and The Living Tombstone - Manehattan (Delta Brony Remix)

    [9] Source
    fractilx - zone of dreams (Celestial Ver.)
    Instrumental - Soft Ambience

    [10] Source
    Wubbaducky - Reformed