• Lauren Faust Working on New Feature Length Movie Based on Medusa

    We are reporting on the fringe of pony once again. This is pretty awesome though!

    Lauren Faust, creator of our beloved ponies, has signed a deal with Sony Pictures Animation to work on a brand new feature length movie titled Medusa.  With a whole boatload of greek mythology, we will set out on a journey following a young girl cursed with hair filled with snakes as she tries to find a way to fix it while travling with a group of mythological creatures.  Lauren Faust explains it best, have the quote:

    “Todd and Holly's version of the tale of Medusa is filled with so many of my favorite ideas to work with: magic, mythology, humor and strong, funny, extremely relatable characters. I was excited by the idea of showing the comedy behind an otherwise horrific monster, and I was really drawn to the writer's unique re- imagining of Greek mythology. In our story, we meet Medusa as a young human, who, like so many of us, is overwhelmed with trying to fit a certain mold to please others. Her resulting popularity ticks off the wrong Goddess who turns her into the snake-haired monster we all know and fear. Medusa sets out on a quest to reverse this curse with the help of a goofy team of oddball and misfit mythological creatures who help her learn that what makes you different is, in fact, what makes you strong.”

    That has me pretty excited right there.  If there is one thing Lauren rocks at, it's building a team of interesting characters and working through their reactions.

    We don't have a release date yet, but I think this is something we will most likely follow right along side pony, so expect more updates as we see them. 

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in! There are a bit too many to list this time around.