• EFNW Announces Tony Fleecs

    Everfree Northwest is right around the corner, and they have a last minute guest to announce! Head on down below the break for the press release on Tony Fleecs joining their stars in attendance.

    Hey Everypony! Do you like comics? Of course you do! Want to meet one of the talented artists who bring our favorite IDW adventures to life? We thought so! So please put your hooves together in giving a hearty Seattle welcome to none other than Tony Fleecs.

    Tony’s credits include:

    Main Series, cover art variant for Issues 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 19

    Micro Series, Issues 2 & 4

    Micro Series, cover art variant for Issues 2, 4, 5.

    Friends Forever, Issues 2 & 5

    Friends Forever, cover art variant for Issues 3, 7 (not yet released), 9 (not yet released)

    From his webpage, his bio is as follows:

    “Tony Fleecs is a comic book writer and artist who's credits include, IN MY LIFETIME, TELL THEM JOHNNY WADD IS HERE and MY LITTLE PONY amongst others. He lives in Los Angeles. His mother says he is handsome.”

    Who are we to argue with his mom? Want to come meet this handsome hoof behind the pony panels? Then you better make it to Everfree Northwest next weekend. Admission is still available at the door and a fun time awaits for all. Be sure to drop by his table in the EFNW Vendor Hall at booth #59.