• Vendors and Merch at BUCK 2014 #2

    Still curious about what other goods will be at BUCK this year? Well, BUCK has you covered with part two of their vendor spotlight which shows off quite a few awesome sellers in attendance. Everything from plushies, sculptures, and more can be expected!

    Check after the break for the full scoop!

    More excitement brewing for merchants at BUCK 2014 – we’re eyeing the list with envy ourselves at this point, it’s the best line up of vendors we’ve ever had, and we’re not even half way there! Roll the list – or see the illustrated version on our website!

    Mare Play UK
    Official licensed MLP merchandise

    BUCK’s official sponsor and supplier of official pony merch!
    Mare Play UK is the frontrunner in providing the community with the best MLP merchandise in the UK.
    Leading the negotiations to get new products – such as the well-received trading cards – into the UK, we strive to help the community get hold of the merchandise that matters to you.

    Blankets, phone cases, posters, shirts and wall scrolls

    Neil Drawponies has been creating art in the brony fandom for over two years now. He is a staple at brony conventions and has attended over 20 as a vendor since fall 2012. At his booth, you can find lots of original artwork and unique products such as blankets and wall scrolls which include the mane six plus favorites like the Apple family, Luna, Celestia, Vinyl and Octi as part of over 30 designs.

    Accessories, art, figures, t-shirts and tote bags

    Reaperfox has attended a ton of conventions around the country selling her pop culture/nerd-culture related artwork and goodies! This is her third time selling at BUCK and hopes to bring all new Pony goodies to her table for 2014!

    Art, T-shirts

    StormBlaze has been selling her artwork at other conventions for six years, but only started offering MLP work since 2012. She prefers to work with pens and pencils, but has found her own style in the world of digital art too.

    Pa Kalsha's Ponymon Pandemonium
    Art originals, art prints, art commissions

    A seasoned artist of many styles and genres – Ponymon Pandemonium will host a selection of stunning and unique Ponified Pokemon prints of all your favourite Ponymon!
    Be sure to get in early for unique special editions and commission slots!

    Limey-Boys British Booth of Bric-a-Brac
    Line art prints, mugs, and commissions

    Come one and all, to L.B's B.B.B.B – we have Art straight out of the oven! Crafts newly created, freshly forged mugs and prints of fine art, and much more!


    All my plushies are handmade, with hand embroidered eyes and cutie marks, and take at least two to three days to make, but each one is therefore unique. They are made of super soft Minky fabric, super soft wool (49% acrylic, 51% wool), and high quality polyester stuffing. Due to their handmade nature they are relatively fragile, but eminently huggable.

    Spirit Blocks
    Cube Plushies

    Come and adopt these kindred spirits. Trapped in their cute and cuddly cube forms, Spirit Blocks has turned all of your favourite characters into adorable cube plushies.

    Frozenpyro's Sculptures
    Pony clay sculptures.

    Frozenpyro has been making one-of-a-kind pony sculptures for nearly two years now and takes pride in producing the best quality sculptures possible. All of the mane six will be available alongside the Princesses and a few additional characters.

    Mugs, snow globes, and custom Ponies

    Hand made Art and Crafty bits, including Mugs, Snow Globes and more! It's all about your favourite characters from the show! Come over, say hi and find out if there’s something just for you!

    Twitter: Calpain