• Evil Ponies Miniatures for Tabletop Gaming

    Many of us in the fandom love tabletop gaming (I myself played D&D back in high school) and I've seen many custom figures made just for use with Warhammer and other tabletops. But do you lack the know how and resources to make your own? Never fear! The makers of the Pewter Ponies set from awhile back have a new Kickstarter focused on adding 'evil ponies' to your tabletop fun.

    Including such ponies as Swarm ponies, occult ponies, and more they are sure to add to any tabletop experience, especially if you have a pony story in mind. As for the Kickstarter, they are so close to their goal with only less than a week left so if any of you tabletop enthusiasts want to get in on this you'd better do it quick!

    Evil Ponies Miniatures Kickstarter

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