• Story Update - April 15th

    Story updates! Death in Ponyville and more! Get it all below.

    Story: Harmony Theory (Update Part 25!)


    Author: Sharaloth

    Description: After the Changeling invasion, Celestia and Luna make the decision to have Twilight investigate the Elements of Harmony and solve the mystery of their power. A thousand years later, Rainbow Dash awakens in a world she does not recognize. She has no idea how or why she came to be there. She does not know the language, the geography or any of the rules of this new time. She soon finds allies in Star Fall, a scholarly pegasus whose Talent is Magic, and Astrid, Star Fall's Griffin guardian. Together they set out to discover why Dash has been sent to the future, and how she might return to when she belongs. War threatens the nations, a Nightmare stalks the shadows, and Rainbow Dash's arrival has turned her into a wild card in a deadly game that pits the law on both sides of a broken Equestria against a mysterious criminal figure, Max Cash. Yet the stakes are higher than anyone knows, for in her research Twilight Sparkle discovered a dark secret about the Elements, something that will shake the foundations of the world.

    Harmony Theory (New Part 25!) 

    Story: Mort Takes a Holiday (Update Part 13-14!)

    [Comedy] Comedy time! Well, dark comedy at least! (Zomg finally an update!)

    Author: AnonymousMaterials
    Description: Mort, the Pale Pony of Death, suddenly faces his greatest challenge: free time. With no idea of what to do, Celestia sends him to her student to be taught the wonders of friendship and have a holiday. He just has to keep his true nature a secret, and that shouldn't be too difficult...right?
    Mort Takes a Holiday (New Part 13-14!) 

    Story: Putting The 'Harm' In Harmony (Update Part 6!)


    Author: Bronius Maximus
    Description: I can't believe this! How dare they forget who they're dealing with! I'm the very Element of Generosity! But to ask me to share my suite with the likes of... her? It's inconceivable, preposterous, ludicrous! They seriously think I, Rarity, fashion designer extraordinaire would be willing to share even a suite with such an... uncouth beast! Unfortunately, the Canterlot Ritz—and every other hotel—is booked solid, so it is either this or nothing. I suppose as long as I keep to myself, I will survive the week. Right?
    Putting The 'Harm' In Harmony (New Part 6!) 

    Story: A Device for Divine (Update Part 4!)


    Author: Stanku
    Description: In a remote village, ponies begin to disappear. Celestia sends Twilight and Fluttershy to investigate, but one of them already knows more about the situation than she is willing to reveal. At the same time, Celestia herself is about to complete a plan she has been harboring for a millennium.
    A Device for Divine (New Part 4!) 

    Story: Guiding Light (Update Sequel)

    [Sad][Adventure] "This story differentiates itself from other 'bad things happen to Equestria' stories with its smart character work and realistic, powerful emotion. We need more stories like this." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Archonix
    Description: Ditzy "Derpy" Doo, once a humble mail mare, was elevated to godhood in a last, desperate act by Celestia moments before she and the entire royal family disappeared. Now the newly crowned Princess De Raptura must contend with the machinations of a court completely alien to her, reconcile with her daughter, make peace with Twilight Sparkle and learn how to control the sun.

    And she's fairly sure she still has a package to deliver.
    Guiding Light