• Random Merch: Pinkie Pie Ice Cream Bar, Easter Stuff, Watches, Sparkly Applejack Brushable, and More!

    Lets start with ice cream.  I just got done looking up desserts from around Europe, and it made me hungry.  This one was found at a convenience store in Cambridge, MA. I'm sure Pinkie Pie pops are going to spread everywhere soon though! Thanks to EddictedBrony for the image.

    And head on down below the break for loads of Random Merch!

    MLP Easter Egg

    Looks like Brazil has these for Easter if you are in the area ! 

    Found at: TopCau
    Found by: Jennifer

    Charm Bracelet

    Too bad they seem to be using the same old vectors.  Branch out Hasbro!

    Found at: Hobby Lobby
    Found by: Julia


    More watches! Pony means never not knowing the time.  I totally can't read those though.

    Found at: Woot
    Found by: Catherine

    Baseball Cap

    I wonder what the response would be if you wore this to a baseball game?

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Faith

    Paint Set and Giant Pencil Case shaped Like a Pencil

    Why not shape your pencil case like a pencil? Efficient. 

    Found at: Poundland
    Found by: SUP3R Toastr

    Glittery Applejack

    Brushables brushables brushables.  Do any of you brush your ponies? Chances are this is a future release, as it was found on Taobao.

    Found at: Taobao
    Found by: Tornado Twist

    Deluxe Art Set and Poster Set

    Kids these days need more art in their lives.  Who is going to be animating ponies still when I'm 70? 

    Found at: Dunne's Stores in Ireland
    Found by: Iris