• Nightly Roundup #957

    I used to watch so much Zim back in high school. That feels like ages ago at this point I've got to say!

    Time for the news and acting goofy everyone! Catch you all tomorrow!

    Tonight's Stories

    Finally Some Cake!

    My blood sugar was getting a little low! Nom!

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. Our movie of the week is going to be a
    hilarious one. It's Noah's Ark, with furries. It's basically what you expect.
    God tells noah to build an arc, and then noah has to get all the animals
    onto the arc, and all the animals are furries. There's plenty of naughty stuff
    in the movie which is hilarious, because you can buy the movie on a christian
    website. It's just too perfect.

    Host's will be:
    Harlequin Jester
    Pony Cat

    LOCATIONS WILL BE HERE: http://www.livestream.com/poniboorufilmnight?t=250163
    AND HERE: https://derpibooru.org/livestream_channels/poniboorufilmnight


    A Brony Tale Getting Lots of Press

    Looks like the press for the latest Brony documentary is ramping up as a new article hits Metro and Sonic 102.9 as the film makes for release at Tribeca.

    You can find the Metro article here and the 102.9 article here.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Austraeoh Trailer 2

    Hello everyone. We wish we could be coming to you with better tidings, but unfortunately, that is not the case. As you have just seen (or are about to see), the situation is horrifying. No Whitemane should ever have to live in fear like this. We here at Horizon studios are asking you, yes you, to do your part in saving the Whitemane.

    In order to ensure her survival, we are recruiting writers, animators, musicians/sound engineers, and background artists. If you have any ability whatsoever, apply at the link below, and you will be considered for helping save the Whitemane. Thank you in advance, as she needs as much help as she can get.

    Join now!

    Dutch National Brony Meet # 13

    Fillies and gentlecolts,

    The warmer days are slowly coming back to our small country and with them they bring an approaching
    milestone in BroniesNL history.
    The Orga is organizing the 13th Dutch Bronies National Meet on the 31st of May.
    Like last time, the meet will be held at the Dokzaal in Amsterdam.
    After the try-out of this new location during Meet 12, the Orga has received much needed feedback we'll be using to improve the Dokzaal to be an even better location for the “Lucky 13th” meet-up.
    Of course, we'll have the usual events like the cosplay competition, an artists' corner, a raffle and the famous auction.
    Be informed that we have new rules for the auction, so if you wish to participate please read those.
    The optional artist's fee of 50 % applies as usual.

    Prepare yourself for summer the right way by meeting with all your old friends, new friends and
    soon-to-be-friends at the BroniesNL Meet 13 in Amsterdam.

    Plantage Doklaan 8-12, 1018 CM Amsterdam
    May 31st,
    12:00 – 20:00

    For ponies who are coming by public transport: take the train to Amsterdam Centraal, then take either bus 22 (destination Indische Buurt), or bus 48 (destination Borneo Eiland).
    The stop where you want to get off is 'Kadijksplein'. From there the Dokzaal is on 5 min. walking distance.
    Alternatively, people who travel by car can park at the parking lot at the Artis zoo, which is just down the road.
    Mind that parking near the location is prohibited, except for inhabitants of the Plantage Doklaan, so you can only drop someone off or unload luggage there.

    Of course, the Orga can't put this meet together by themselves; we'll need the support and participation of all you enthusiastic bronies!
    Only with you will Meet 13 be a success!
    We hope to see all familiar faces and hopefully lots of new ones too!

    Entrance, drinks and candy will be free of charge.
    The average age of participants is around 18.

    Brony Aerospace Theme Song Contest

    Our fandoms own space ponies are holding a little theme song contest for their group! Check it out!

    Hello everypony!

    We are proud to announce that we have a small contest for more musically inclined bronies.

    We at brony aerospace need a theme song for use on our videos and we are holding a contest to find the best fit.

    We will be giving away 1000$ at the music store of your choice and a flight suit with custom patches for first prize.

    3 runner ups will receive 100$ at the music store of their choice and a framed custom patch.

    Finally 10 honorable mentions will get custom patches.

    If selected your music will be featured in our videos and you will receive full credit for the piece.

    The dead line is going to be July 1st 2014 and the voting will be done by Brony Aerospace directors.

    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Bronydom Network - 1st Anniversary

    When he was 14, Cameron Kilgore, aka. GeekBrony, decided to host a small server on his own machine for his own good. He wanted a radio to listen to that hosted all the songs he loved while doing work at school. GeekBrony programmed a website for it for easier access. It really was a side-project to help him concentrate better at what he needed to get done.
    Whilst setting up the website, he wanted to advertise. He didn't expect much, but he did it anyway. When he did, he finally got some members listening to the radio, but nothing much.
    He then began on the better parts: The forum, chat, and Live DJing! Since he was a Live DJ, he wanted to broadcast his mixes on here as a part of having fun and giving others the joy of a live mix going on! The forum is still being worked on today.
    When the next school year started, he began working on an app for the network. On iPhone/iPod you can find it by searching “Bronydom Network” in the App Store or by clicking here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bronydom-network/id721068116 (Please note that it is iOS 7+ only). The release date of the app was on October 18th, 2013. A few days after the app was released, he got a few amazing members on the forum. Most notably: zasmn, 4h4life, and Gearhead.
    Fast forward to December 1st, 2013, when he finally got advertised on Equestria Daily. He got a traffic boost, a huge one in that matter, that got him a good, but small community that still goes on from time to time. Whilst he was vastly improving the website, he realized it is now almost time for the year celebration.
    Since it's almost that time, he wants to host a huge celebration! To do this, we will need some extreme help. Here's what we want from you bronies at Equestria Daily:
    Sign up on our website: http://www.bronydom.net/
    Listen to the radio, possibly enjoying it.
    Introduce yourself on the forum.
    Tune into http://www.bronydom.net/livestream/ on May 3rd, at 10PM Central!
    Make this year celebration a worthwhile one.
    Let's hope this project takes off!
    On the weekend of May 3rd, he will be hosting a “One Year Celebration” on both Livestream and Radio services.
    I thank you guys in advance for the next few weeks.

    KPNY Episode 24

    "The Inventory at KPNY is a radio drama where the discovery of the bronies of Earth has been made public to the world of Equestria. And the only station informing Equestria is KPNY Radio with its new show The Inventory.
    The cast and crew of the Inventory attempt to make sense of the creations made by the bronies of earth and share them with the rest of Equestria. While trying to solve the ever puzzling question of why these humans love Equestria and its citizens.

    But not everything is what it seems at KPNY Radio; the cast may have its own internal problems, but there is a bigger one looming overhead… connecting two worlds does entail a huge risk…


    Episode 24

    Sunny tries to throw a party for Air Waves but it doesn't turn out as well as expected. So when Sound FX is late for his presentation, Sunny decides to present in his place to prove herself to Air Waves. But will she be able to get through a show without bumbling things up?


    If you want to see previous episodes catch them here!


    D.E. Round Table: Episode 20 - Head Of The Class! (Audiocast)

    This weeks podcast covers a lot of Fanmail covering Dreams, Natural Disasters, Noises Treebeard makes, the weather, and what would happen if Hasbro used your OC's.
    We also cover an episode Testing Testing 1, 2, 3, review, rate, and give our opinions. The Round Table Topic covers Conventions again, this time advice for first time convention goers!

    - Fanmail #1 - Luna's Dream with Applebloom.: 2:46
    - Fanmail #2 - California Weather: 4:41
    - Fanmail #3 - Treebeard's Noises?: 7:31
    - Fanmail #4 - Natural Disaster Experience? 9:11
    - Fanmail #5 - Hasbro using your OC's? 18:18
    - TOPICS: 27:40
    - Episode Review - Testing 1, 2, 3: 31:35
    - Episode Opinion and Rating: 40:23
    - Round Table Topic - Going To Your First Convention: 1:03:41
    - Special Shoutouts: 1:14:00
    - Wrapup: 1:23:05

    What Does Star Swirl the Bearded Sound Like?

    As the title suggests. With Star Swirl's recent, and upcoming appearance in the comics, some people have raised the question, "what does he sound like?" I made the video using three different voice based on the canon personality, plus two fan interpretations.

    BronyTime - BABSCon Post Con Interviews

    Surprise kids, this week you're getting an extra episode! We were able to catch up with SonyaLynn and Obsidian Winter of BABSCon, with a special appreaance by ultra-awesome-tumblr-warrior and art nerd, Heather Breckel! Sit back and relax as they regale us with tales of this past weekend, enjoy!


    Testing, Testing, 1,2,3: Friendship is Recapped

    Today In Pony History

    April 25, 2011-2013

    2011 - We get some slick looking 3D pony models.

    2012 - Meghan joins us on Twitter!

    2013 - We get the Don't Mine at Night animatic!

    Twitter: Calpain