• Music of the Day #293

    That was quite the episode wasn't it?

    We have music! You like music! Get it all below!

    [1] Source
    The princess and I (BroadwayBrony)
    Vocal - Broadway

    [2] Source
    Discord - Sprocket Orchestrates Eurobeat and Tombstone (Concerto for Bass Guitar and Violin in Abm)

    [3] Source
    Re:COVER - The Rappin' Histr'y of the Wonderbolts
    Vocal - Rap

    [4] Source
    Haardtek | Sombra's Awakening
    Instrumental - Breakcore

    [5] Source
    The Pendant and the Amulet
    Instrumental - Progressive Metal

    [6] Source
    MLP:FiM - BBBFF [Music Box Version]
    Remix - Music Box

    [7] Source
    Screams From Equestria - Lunar Impressment
    Vocal - Black Metal

    [8] Source
    Hearts as Strong as Horse 8-Bit Bass 8va
    Remix - 8 Bit