• Gothic Style Brushables Invading Toaboa

    A seller over on Taobao has the new Gothic style pony set up for grabs. This was actually revealed over at Toy Fair a few months ago, without much else informationwise. A lot of people thought they were just listed there for fun. The Taobao leak dispels that notion.  Ponies in lace and frilly socks is now a canon thing! How did we get to this point? (not that I'm complaining).

    Now to figure out if this will actually be tied into any episodes or movies.  I'd watch that. 

    Expect to see them flood stores some time in the next year, as is the norm for Taobao links.  More images down below after the page break!

    Thanks to Ayu and everyone else for sending them.

    Rainbow Dash

    Pinkie Pie



    No idea! Adiago Dazzle maybe?