• GalaCon 2014 Half-Way-Point Note and New Promo

    Seriously guys, we've had promos for conventions and other events before, but this one takes the cake. All the cakes. And even some that haven't even been made yet! GalaCon has a small halfway point announcement along with an amazing promo video that is animated and runs for over 3 minutes. Check it out, even if you know you can't make it to GalaCon. It's just that awesome.

    Updated with HD Vid!

    Salutations my beautiful people,

    We hope you also can’t wait for Kallisti 4 this weekend, but before it we want to thank all our donors who already supported us at our crowdfunding at StartNext. With reaching 50% of our target amount, the presence of Dave and Tombstone are half funded.

    Speaking of Dave and Tombstone, they made following promotion clip for us, we want to share with you:

    Everything important is being said in it, so have fun with the clip and help us bizaaming the month of August

    Twitter: Calpain