• BronyCon Announces Terry Klassen

    BronyCon continues to roll out new guests as they proudly announce Terry Klassen as their new guest. Terry is the voice director on FiM and it's in large part thanks to him that the show sounds as great as it does.

    Curious what else he has worked on? Check it all out after the break!

    BronyCon is proud to bring you Terry Klassen. As the voice director for “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” Klassen’s unique perspective on the show’s creative process is sure to make him a crowd favorite.
    Outside of My Little Pony, Klassen’s career has been diverse and multi-faceted, with credits as a show creator, writer, voice actor and voice director - a career which includes Emmy-nominated work. The series that Klassen has worked on are every bit as diverse and include “Dragon Ball Z,” “Megaman,” “Martha Speaks,” “Ed, Edd n Eddy,” Baby Sylvester in “Baby Looney Toons” and his original series, “Yvon of the Yukon,” just to name a few.

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    About BronyCon: Based in Baltimore, Md., BronyCon is the premiere convention for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans of all ages. Last year’s event drew more than 8,400 attendees from all seven continents.This year’s event, scheduled for Aug. 1-3, 2014 at the Baltimore Convention Center, is expected to trump that figure. The convention features special guests, diverse programming, and a multi-night music festival. For more information, check out bronycon.org.
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