• MLP: CCG Canterlot Nights: Some New Terms (Twilicane Now Canon!)

    This week's Canterlot Nights preview article is from another development team member, Adam, who is here to tell us about new terminology in set 2. One of them, Unique, allows for powerful cards that need to be limited to one in play at a time, such as the card you're seeing above! For more details, take a look below the break.

    The Canterlot Nights expansion set will have several new and exciting keywords, but it will also have a few new game terms appearing on cards. In today's preview article I'll go over those terms and reveal a couple of the new cards that use them.

    First, the set will introduce Unique cards to the game. Cards which are Unique often have powerful effects or represent special, one-of-a-kind objects or places. A player cannot control more than one of the same Unique card at a time.

    For example, Discord’s Twilicane can be given to an opponent's Mane Character, weakening his entire team if he should be so selfish (or Stand so Still) as to keep his Mane safe at home while his Friends do all the work.

    The set also introduces cards which use the term “retire.” To retire a card is to put it into your discard pile from play. It is similar to “dismiss,” but distinct in that a player always retires his own cards, usually as part of the cost of some effect, such as with the Changeling Infiltrator.

    This sneaky shapeshifter can creep into play when he's least expected; it can be played like any other Troublemaker, but it can also uncover itself immediately, as one of your Friends disappears, revealing that it was a changeling in disguise all along! As if that weren't mischief enough, he also shuffles each player's discard pile back into their deck, upsetting everyone's carefully laid deck-stacking plans.

    Another new term we're now using is “unfrighten.” We previously used the term “ready” for turning a frightened Friend face-up AND un-exhausting cards. Separating the two terms makes things a little less confusing for you, and also give us flexibility in designing new and interesting cards in the future with very specific roles. To help clarify things further, the act of un-frightening a Friend for two action tokens during the Main Phase is now called “Rally.”

    I hope you've enjoyed this brief look at the upcoming Canterlot Nights set. If the Twilicane has you already plotting ways to keep your opponent's Mane Character stuck at home, sit tight – next week Amanda will be discussing a good reason to get your own Mane into the fray, as well! See you at the pre-release!

    Thanks, Adam! There are some really interesting, powerful Unique cards in Canterlot Nights, both as Resources AND Friend cards. They pack a wallop!

    As Adam alluded to above, our next Canterlot Nights preview article highlights a new keyword that specifically interacts with Mane Character cards. See you all next week!