• Merch Spotting: Daring Do Pony set and NICI Fluttershy

    Over in the wonderful world of Walmart, the new Daring Do pony set has been spotted in the wild.  This one popped up for pre-order on sites like Toywiz a while back, and now appears to be heading to the brick and mortar retailers. 

    And for those of you out in Germany, the new NICI Fluttershy plushie is starting to appear at a store called "Müller" and will apparently be available at NICI Shops, Amazon and all NICI partners. I haven't had the chance to see one of these in person yet, but the images released so far make them appear really well done.

    Happy hunting! Thanks to Framwinkle and Mazzn for the images and Gerjet for additional information.