• Stay Brony My Friends Charity with Michael Dobson

    As usual with the awesome folks behind Stay Brony My Friends, the show recently interviewed a VA from pony and also asked them to suggest a charity to donate too. This time around they got Michael Dobson on the show, best know for his work as Bulk Biceps, Dr. Caballaron as well as Starscream, Batman, The Joker, and Nappa just to name a few.

    Michael's charity of choice is The Rare Disease Foundation in Vancouver so if you have a few bits on hand, feel free to donate. Want to know how? Check after the break for the full details.

    Another laughing good time was had on Stay Brony My Friends this past week as Voice Actor Michael Dobson joined us to talk about his roles in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic of Bulk Biceps and Dr. Caballaron as well as Starscream, Batman, The Joker, Nappa and many many more!

    Michael has challenged us to help out his favorite charity The Rare Disease Foundation out of Vancouver.

    When you're sick, you expect that going to the doctor will lead to feeling better... or, at least, understanding what's going on. But that's not always the case. If you're unlucky enough to suffer from a rare disease, your doctor might have no idea what's wrong or how to help you. There might be little (or no) research on what to do.

    That's where these guys come in. Everyone should have a chance to be helped, regardless of how unusual the condition. And we're gonna help give that chance.

    Go to http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/?p=1018 and register on the Manliest Brony website then click the link to donate a few bits to help out those kids and parents who are facing the unknown.

    For any help 5 bucks or more you'll get a chance at a big hoofful of giveaway stuff! A pack of MLP game colectable cards, a series 1 blind bag, An MLP Dog tag, An MLP Boxos Papercraft playset and a Derpy messenger bag from Hot Topic!

    If we crack 500 bits then we'll also put up a Silver Slinger rinestone studded engraved dog tag with Chinese Pinkie Pie greeting you into the Pony New Year of 2014 donated to us by Sgt_Brony on Twitter. Not only that, but Michael Dobson is putting up an Autograph on a new Pixelkitties

    Autograph image AND a DVD box set of the series "Broken Saints" that he acted in first printing SIGNED!

    So get over to ManliestBrony.com and check out all the great things you can be part of! And thank you all for your continued support from both Dustykatt and Screwball!

    Twitter: Calpain