• Bronystudy - Results and News

    Bronystudy is back again to share not only some results with you guys and a new survey, but some really cool news in the realm of psychology. Want to learn more? Well, check after the break for the exciting news!

    The Bronystudy team is excited to announce the following:

    1) We have posted the results from our recent Pre-season4 Survey in the results section of the webpage www.bronystudy.com.

    2) One of our research reports has been accepted for presentation at the American Psychological Association annual convention in July. We will be making two research presentations next month at the Southeastern Psychological Association annual convention. Psychology is about to discover 'the Brony herd'!

    3) We have launched a new survey in order to answer questions concerning the impact (positive as well as negative) of the fandom on individual fans. Given the recent sad news about the impact of Bullying upon members of the fandom this survey will be very timely. It will allow us to understand the extent of bullying incidences and their impact as well as the positive (changed my life) experiences that many members of the fandom report.

    Please visit our website (www.bronystudy.com) and help our efforts by completing the survey!

    Twitter: Calpain