• Spotlight Music: Chryssy's Lullaby / Through the Vines / In the Skies

    We have a little bit of something for everyone in this one. Jeff Burgress and the Bad Mares team up with Eilemonty for an awesome Chrysalis focused Lullaby, followed by a song that was labeled orchestral but reminds me of something completely different. If you liked the soundtrack in games like Final Fantasy 13, you will probably like that one. And finally, trance finishes us off in the last slot! get them all below.

    1.) Chryssy's Lullaby (ft. Eilemonty) (Vocal - Lullaby)
    2.) Jastrian - Through the Vines (Instrumental - Orchestral Kinda)
    3.) Nicolas Dominique - In the Skies (Instrumental - Trance)