• The Hearth's Warming Micro Comic Giveaway Drawing Event

    Greetings everypony! Did you all have a good Nightmare Night, Turkey Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or some/all of the above? I hope you did, because the next holiday is now upon us, and with it comes gifts!

    Now, whilst I promise there will be no spontaneous breaking into caroling, we here at EqD can't help but get into the spirit of the season. With the addition of the "how to draw pony" sections in the new IDW Micro comic packs, we figured an art event combined with a giveaway of said comics would be the best way to do it!

    So won't you join us after the break for six days of Hearth's Warming fun?

    See that Pinkie up there? She's feeling mighty artistic, and we hope you are too, because art is the name of the game... but don't despair if you're not a famous artist, because we think this'll still be fun.

    This may be an art-felt event (haha, pun!), but if you don't feel like drawing your own pony, then all you have to do is get out your favourite pack of crayons (virtual or otherwise) and join in! That's right, if you don't want to draw a comic, a show pony or your own OC, we're going to be giving you a picture to colour in from some of the many talented artists around, and one lucky pony out of the hat will be rewarded with an entire 4-pack of IDW micro-comics!

    Isn't that fab?

    Here are the two categories with a 4 pack of micro comics for each daily:
    • Draw from the prompt, or draw your own picture/3-panel comic (colour or Black and White)
    • Colour in the given image (the more colourful the better!)

    And here are the rules:
    • Enter as many days as you want, one entry per day
    • Each day, there will be a random draw for the colouring in category, and one voted winner for the prompt (slash freestyle, if you don't like the prompt!)
    • The winners will receive one IDW micro-comic pack each (4 comics total per pack)
    • And we've got enough for six whole days of Hearth's Warming goodness!

    If we don't get enough of one category, we'll be pulling more names out of the hat for the other! So think of it as the holiday version of the training grounds, without the mandatory prompts and with prizes!

    The event will begin on the 7th of December, and that post will detail just what you have to do to be in with a chance, and how it'll all work. The first winners, with the new prompt, will be up on the 8th!

    For more information, comment in this post or email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you. If you'd like to draw a little something for everypony to colour in, then send it to me and we'll offer a wider selection during the event!

    Until then, here's wishing you all a warm season's greetings!

    -Santa Midnight