• 57/66 Days of Pony - MAGIC DUEL

    Oh hey, it's that one episode with that one blue pony that was the pinnacle of season 3.  While M.A. Larson may give super controversial wing upgrades to purple ponies, he handed out a big ol' pile of awesome to this one. I may or may not be biased toward this episode.  I'll let you guys decide on that.

    Trixie was already sort of a dick, even I won't deny that.  The whole "Ursa Minor destroying half of Ponyville" thing may not have been her fault, and Rainbow Dash just might have instigated the entire thing, but that doesn't make her any less self obsessed.  What do you get when you add a super powerful magical amulet to an easily corruptable pony who can't get enough of hearing herself talk?  The best episode ever!

    Now again, I might be a bit biased here, but I'm leaning toward this episode being one of the most balanced of the series for how much it pulls off.  Everything from the Pinkie Pie gag all the way up until the credits, to the first "trick" I was actually tricked by in the show via Twilight's pony body painting just kept the narrative going at the perfect pace.

    There's just something special about a cute blue unicorn pony going full on evilmode.

    Anyway, get the episode below, and feel free to complain in the comments.  I ain't budgin'.

    Best Pony 2011- Now