• Friend of German Fluttershy Suffering From Cancer

    The community has always been one to rise to the occasion when someone needs help. We've done everything from helping children in Africa through fundraising efforts to giving Kiki, a sweet little girl, some extra time on this planet. Now it appears cancer has reared its ugly head once again in the lives of someone who works closely with MLP.

    Julia Stoepel, the German voice of Fluttershy, is looking for help on a fundraiser for a friend of hers that is suffering from cancer. A donation drive has been started and is currently at a quarter of its goal. If you have a spare couple dollars or euros in your next check, why not send a few her way. We did it for Kiki, so let's do it for this lady as well.

    Fundraiser Page

    Edit: Would be nice if I add the actual link, eh?