• Fallout Equestria Animation Promo

    It's no secret that you all love your fallout.  The team behind a new animated version of it has released a short promo, and is looking for volunteers to help fill out their group.  Stable-Tec's full press release is here: 

    Hello Bronies! Our name is Stable-Tec Studios and we are excited to announce our that first project will be the animation of Fallout:Equestria! Animating Fallout:Equestria has been one the biggest brony dreams ever since the appearance of this fan-fiction and we are here to make it a reality. We know that it's a tall order, but with enough hard work, anything is possible.  The purpose of this promotional material is to get new staff members with talent and the skills required for the job in hand . We are especially interested in animators and background artists. You can find more info here.  Hope to see you soon fighting the good fight!

    And find the video below the break!