• Convention Compilation - October 2nd

    Conventions! Already the 2014 news is swarming in.  Have some headlines:

    BABScon Musician Press Release
    Everfree Northwest - New Open Staffing Positions
    Sydneigh 2014 Announced

    And get the full press releases below the break!

    BABScon Musician Press Release

    Do you like live music? How about some live PONY music? BABSCon is excited to announce the first of many musicians in our grand weekend concert lineup!

    We’re drawing from some of the best and brightest musicians in the fandom—including a number of local California favorites!—to give you, the lovely attendee of BABSCon, a musical experience like no other! With the former manager of the notable Musiquestria tour at the helm, the following musicians will be appearing at BABSCon:

    Odyssey (aka Eurobeat Brony)

    Odyssey is the first musician to remix MLP:FiM, and, with his ubiquitous album series Super Ponybeat, has created some of the most iconic songs in the scene, such as “Luna (Dream Mode)”, the original “Discord,” and “Fly.” Odyssey remains a powerful force for all things Eurobeat in and out of the fandom, with appearances in the Initial D arcade games and anime, Toho Eurobeat, Super Eurobeat, iOS games, Densha De D, Sega’s JoyPolis parks, and many more. Look forward to Odyssey’s signature energy and fast beats in a stage performance unlike any you’ve ever seen!

    With over 100 WIPS, tracks, and podcasts on SondCloud, F3nning is one of the most prolific brony musicians out there. Capable of a wide range of electronic music (especially dubstep) in addition to making some great hip-hop, F3nning is easily one of the most active and vocal bronies in the scene and has done a great job of building a rapport with his audience.

    Known for his energetic live performances and driving progressive rock music, Tarby has been a well-praised addition to the concert lineup of pony conventions since the beginning of the fandom, as well as one of the 8 performance acts to take to the road last summer for the Musiquestria tour. Check him out on YouTube, Bandcamp, or Facebook, and prepare yourself for an awesome bucking show.

    Michael A.
    Michael is a California-local Brony, and his Electronic Dance Music is known throughout the fandom. His music has appeared in many places, including the “100% No Feeble Cheering” Album and the brony documentary. His electronic music is sure to make everyone rave their hooves off!

    Don’t miss out on all these fantastic musicians in the heart of the Bay at BABSCon!

    So go pre-register now!

    Would you like to help run BABSCon’s weekend concert or convention? Make sure to inquire on our volunteer page to find out how to join our growing AV team and general volunteer crew!

    And last but certainly not least, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

    Everfree Northwest - New Open Staffing Positions

    Everfree Northwest 2013 was a truly incredible experience. We all came together for a fun filled weekend of festivities, but none of it would have been possible without our exceptional Staff. If you see them around, please be sure to thank them for their hard work last year.

    If you can’t wait to get started again or you want to join Staff for the first time, we have new positions opening up! Check out the openings below for some more opportunities to help out with Everfree for 2014. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in a position or would like to ask more questions.

    Registration Lead – Business Department

    Likely to be the first staff that attendees engage with, the Registration Lead will be focused on smooth lines, customer service, and providing attendees with their goodie bags and conbooks. This position actively works with the Information Technology department to ensure a Registration database is well developed throughout the year and prepared for the convention. They also work with other departments to plan, design, and deploy the Registration materials given out when people pick up their badges. Project management skills, teamwork and customer service are preferable skills. (No application deadline as of yet.)

    Video Production Lead – Productions Department

    Promos don’t film themselves! This position will have two roles, the first being pre-convention production of promotional videos in coordination with Media, the second will be assisting the Director of Productions with the Mane Stage video feeds, specifically providing live views of the stage as performances take place projected up to the screens near the stage. Experience with video recording equipment is desired, as well as a strong understanding of video editing and related production work. (No application deadline as of yet.)

    Recruitment Specialist – Human Resources Department

    Eager to make connections, ready to look for prospective staff, Human Resources is seeking someone willing to go out of their comfort zone to search the community for talent. Everfree has been growing astoundingly these past few years, so as a response to the growing size of the convention, we need someone to help our Staff grow to accommodate that change. This position will begin by keeping the community informed of open positions, answering people’s questions as they arise, and guiding people through the hiring process. Desirable skills include social networking, a high degree of professionalism and customer service. This position may also be required to be available to answer attendee questions during the convention if necessary.

    Administrative Assistant for Publications – Business Department

    Manage scheduling, facilitate email communications, filter design submissions, and generally assist the Publications Director with the production of convention materials and other administrative tasks. Being proficient in the Office Suite or a comparable set of office productivity software is preferred. (Open until filled.)

    Recently closed positions:

    -Director of IT
    -Secretary of the Committee
    -Web Content Administrator

    Again, if any of these positions interest you, you would like more information, or if you have other questions about how Staff works, please email [email protected]. We hope you are all as excited as we am for Everfree Northwest 2014, and greatly hope to see you all there, whether as Staff, Attendees, or Guests!

    Sydneigh 2014

    Date: September 27th-28th 2014

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Sydneigh is Australia’s newest MLP convention. Our inaugural event, Sydneigh 2014, is to be held at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern, September 27 & 28, 2014. We have recently had our first live-stream announcement, for our team, venue and date, which can be viewed on our YouTube channel. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates as they are announced!