• Nightly Roundup #742

    These things from the Drawfriend earlier remind me of Magic the Gathering monsters for some reason. I can't get enough of them.

    Onward to roundup stuff! It's a huge one tonight. Head down below to check it out.

    Ponies in the News

    A couple more articles on pony have popped up, some negative, some positive. Hit them up below! Thanks to everyone that sent them.

    Drudge Report

    Pittsburgh Tribune

    Killer Copyright Robots!

    Oh my!

    Equestria Girls Heads to Panama

    Apparently theaters around the area will be airing it on the 23rd. I haven't been able to track a link down though!

    Daleks Derp

    Why not.

    Singapore Brony Society Pony Doujin Illustration Book

    At the Singapore Toys and Games convention, a Doujin style illustraion book has plans for release. Head on over here for information on it!

    Runescape References Pony

    Seems like no game company is safe! Thanks to Bailey for the image.


    One can never have too much cake.

    Moonrise Auditions - Symphonic Metal Opera/Album

    Copy Paste:
    Are you a singer? Are you interested in participating in a symphonic metal opera about miniature equines? I'm currently writing a suite of songs about the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon, 1000 years ago, and I'm looking for a few vocalists to help me out.

    Recruitment Video

    I've released a preview of the Prelude, the first part of the opera, which you can listen to here.

    I'm looking for three soloists: Celestia, Luna, and a Narrator (most probably a male voice). If you're interested in auditiong for a solo part, read this.

    I'm also looking for a full SATB chorus, in a manner similar to Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir. If you're interested in being part of the chorus, read this.

    As well as singers, I'm also looking for a lyricist - I can write lyrics, but not particularly well, and the lyrics will be kind of important here (!), more information here.

    I'll be accepting auditions until September 21st. Thankyou for your attention, and I hope to hear all your wonderful auditions soon!

    My Little Musical Recruiting

    After two years of development, it is with great happiness that we come to announce a musician casting call for My Little Musical!

    We are currently looking for a few instrumentalists and a producer/sound designer to fill out our online ensemble! The specific positions we are seeking include ACOUSTIC GUITAR, SAXOPHONE, and PRODUCER/SOUND DESIGNER, but there are other positions as listed on our tumblr. For more information on open positions, how to audition, and the music itself please see the tumblr and the respective links within! Contact info can be found there as well.

    We hope you choose to join us on this journey!


    Custom Pony Vlog

    Find it here!

    Babble With the Bronies Episode 57

    Copy Paste:

    Howdy y'all!

    This week, I'm turning the mic over to you guys. You call the subject so long as it's pony related and appropriate (no NSFW topics).

    Time: 4:00 pm EST/ 3:00 pm CST (16:00 EST/ 15:00 CST) (GMT -5 / -6) (GMT -4/-5 with DST in effect)
    Date: August 18th, 2013
    Place: BronyState

    Brony Bookclub Episode 27 - Slice of Life

    This week on The Brony Bookclub we kicked off our second season with Corey Williams (Author of The Vinyl Scratch Tapes) on as cohost. Together with Sam we interviewed Smoking Gun about Slice of Life fanfics, and his story Only Human. Listen to the episode here.

    Bronies React Series Update

    Information over here!

    Audio Book - Dream

    Check it out over here!


    Successful Meetups

    Bergen Meetup

    Since Norwegian cinema did not feature Equestria Girls we figured that as soon as the movie came out on Blue Ray we would rent a movie theater and hold our own screening.
    Coming up to the even most of us tried our best to avoid all EQG related material and other spoilers, which was rather hard when you want to keep an eye on the fandom but finally the day had come.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Fantasy Football League

    Copy Paste:
    Name: National Faust League
    Type: 12 teams, standard scoring
    On the ESPN fantasy football page, select Join a league, and search for the league name in the directory. Hope to see you there!

    Ponies Pick'em Group

    Are you a fan of ponies? Are you a fan of (American) Football? Well, I've got the thing for you. I'm hosting a Ponies Pick'em group. Which means that each week, you go and pick the teams you think are going to win! You earn points based on how many choices you picked are correct.

    This is a game for anypony, and there's an unlimited amount of space to join. So don't be afraid to join! This will go from week 1 of the regular season all the way to the Super Bowl.

    Go here to find out how to join.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Sweetie Belle Plushie
    CMC Capes
    Applejack Painting
    Luna Statue