• Nightly Roundup #728

    I don't know how many of you are reading a nightly roundup from Baltimore right now, but South Park Taoist has created this really need ponified guidebook for the city.  Click the image above to go get it!

    As for Bronycon itslf, expect some panel highlights similar to what we did for Comic Con this time around. Pony conventions are usually a lot more strict on what they can and cannot reveal, but we will see how it all pans out.

    Galacon is also happening, though we don't have anyone attending it sadly.  If any major news pops up, I'm sure you guys will flood us with it!

    Anyway, have some roundup stuff! Find it all below. 

    MLP Wikia Fanfiction Competition

    Interested in a friendly writing competition? Hit up this link for all the information!

    Giant Paper Celestia Invades School

    Celestia is sometimes best pony!

    Have some copy paste:

    I work at the Panamerican International School in Paraguay South America. The kids from kinder 4 love my little pony. Even the boys love it. On the first day, the children deside what type of decoration they want for the outside of the classroom. They inmediatly screamed Princess Celestia!!!!! So with the materials I had I made one sitting next to a beautifull apple tree.

    More Bronycon Being Reported On

    WBALTV did a short clip on it. Find that here!

    NPR Was another

    And finally, Baltimore Sun.

    ASDF Ponies Episode 1

    I think this has alreayd been ponified hasn't it? Well, have another!

    MLP: FIM Comic Fandub - Beauty by RedApropos

    Dub all the comics! Kinda cute really.

    Ponies on Escapist Again

    In a "Who Would Win" episode, we got a bit of pony this time around. Find it at around 5:10 over here.


    Ultra Fast Pony 28 - ow To Control Freaks

    Find it here!


    Successful Meetups

    South Florida Meetup

    "Come join Bronies of South Florida for a fun day at the beach at Crandon Park on August 10th from 12pm to 6pm!!!

    Crandon Park
    6747 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne, FL
    Date and Time: August 10th from 12pm to 6pm
    Toll into Key Biscayne is $1.75 per axle and Park Admission is $6

    Meetup.com Event Link

    Facebook Event Link

    This event is also a potluck. If you want to bring food or drinks to contribute, please let us know!

    Ponilocious PG-13 Forum

    Check it out over here!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Royal Guards Paintball

    After a long season, we've finished playing in the Almost Famous Paintball Leagues 3man Walk on Nation tournament. This last weekend, the AFPL hosted its 5th event. The Royal Guards went to show the paintball scene just how awesome us Bronies are. We played well, gained the respect of our fellow players and met some awesome Bronies along the way. We continue to represent the Brony community in a positive light through our actions on and off the field.With the AFPL season over, we'll be hosting more events for those in the SoCal area.

    We'll see you on the field, For Equestria!

    Twitter: @RoyalGuardsPB


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    1 Dollar Commissions