• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 16

    Greetings from the lab fillies and gentlecolts! Calpain here tonight to allow our great host Phoe take a little break and get some much needed rest now that we are past the halfway point of this wonderful event. I've been watching from the shadows and you've all have been doing a fantastic job, so keep on pushing the envelope and go for the gold. The finish line is on the horizon and you guys just keep going strong as we have 270 excitedly charged ponies in tonight's gallery putting out total to 6387 images! Wowzers!

    Of course it would be nice to see these lovely picture ponies, eh? We've got you covered with a link to tonight's gallery located here. Go on, click it. You know you want to!

    To kick off this Labor Day weekend we've got something for all of you heading back to school that I think you all can relate to. Continuing with our idea of expression and tone for this week's focus our prompt for today will be: Draw a nervous pony/ Draw a pony on the clock! As always you can submit your entries here and you have until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Saturday, August 31st to submit. Phoe will be back tomorrow and I'll be rooting for you guys in the background (cheer leading outfit optional)!