• Chibi Pony Pack Gen Con Release

    Remember that ridiculously successful kickstarter from forever ago?  The people behind it (Impact Miniatures) sent over a mini news update detailing their release.   It looks like we will be seeing them first debut over at Gencon.  An image of the toys can be found up above.  I guess we can call this kickstarter a huge success!

    You can find their webpage over here, though they aren't listing these at the moment. Have the official statement straight from their email:
    Impact! Miniatures will be releasing a Chibi Pony Pack at Gen Con 2013.  Stop by Impact! at booth 1720 as there will be a limited quantity of 40 of the Pony Pack sets for sale at the booth. 3 Unicorns and 3 Ponies (34mm to top of mane) with all the accessories to make the 6 figures in the image for only $30.
    Expect these to go on sale next month for those of you that can't attend the convention.