• Tumblr Spotlight - Mature Edition: Discorded Whooves / Ask Blood Mage Sweetie Belle / Ask Sadistic Pinkamena / Ask Backy

     I promised quite some time ago after the success of the last mature themed Tumblr Spotlight that I would do another one and after a bunch of laziness on my part here we are again with a selection of some of the more mature themed tumblrs in the tumblr universe!

    What the mature editions are meant to accomplish is to give those that want a little bit more than something cute and fuzzy as most tumblrs appear to be in our spotlights a chance at something that tickles their fancies as well! Of course none of the tumblrs in these editions are explicit in nature, but do indeed contain adult themes. So if you want to avoid adult themes in your ponies steer clear of this edition!

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at [email protected] for review and filing. Mature themed ones similar to these are welcome as well!

    Now on to the tumblrs!

    Our first one up tonight is probably the most popular of the more mature themed tumblrs tonight and it hardly needs introduction, but I thought it a good idea to include tonight so I don't get three million emails saying I needed to include this one! Discorded Whooves is not your average Doctor Whooves tumblr even though it keeps similar characters, themes and the like it approaches them from a different angle and presents a darker world and adventure for our Doctor.

    Haven't heard of Discorded Whooves and you're a Who fan? Check it out below!

    Discorded Whooves - Current Page - First Page

    Ask Blood Mage Sweetie Belle

    Sweetie has always been a little inept at magic, but that appears to be because she never utilized the right kind of magic. Blood Mage Sweetie Belle follows the adventures of Sweetie Belle as she learns to master her new and somewhat taboo talent, a talent that could get her in incredible trouble if discovered. Using her powers for a variety of uses, including saving Rarity, can she keep her power a secret or will she be discovered? Find out in her continuing adventures below!

    Blood Mage Sweetie Belle - Current Page - First Page

    Ask Sadistic Pinkamena

    Now before you say, 'Another Pinkamena thing? Aren't there enough of those?' listen a little bit to what I have to say about this one before scrolling past!  While Ask Sadistic Pinkamena does take place in the same world as Cupcakes Pinkamena the portrayal of the this world's Pinkamena is more psychologically deep as she lives with the consequences of the death she has caused and tries to hold back her urge to kill again. Well drawn with good dialogue and even some humorous bits this one is worth checking out for those looking for a twist in the world of Pinkamena.

    Ask Sadistic Pinkamena - Current Page - First Page

    Our last tumblr today is a bit more silly and tongue in cheek. Ask Backy deals with a lovable OC by the name of Backy whose talent is something you can probably guess. With a bunch of random puns, jokes, and even animations dealing with some more 'plot' filled things it's actually quite an entertaining tumblr for those of you looking for some more mature humor, but don't want anything overly explicit!

    Ask Backy - Current Page - First Page