• Random Merch: Dog Collars, Wallet Phone Hybrid Cases, Calendar, and More!

    When I first saw this, I actually didn't realize it was for dogs.  The internet truly has completely corrupted me.  Not that dog collars are bad or anything.  (please don't send me angry emails!)

    Anyway, find that over at Thinkgeek, and more random merch below the break!

    Hot Topic Stuff

    Phone Wallet
    (Images from Taps)
    Also online!

    Vinyl Hoodie
    Available here

    2014 Calendar

    Found at Dollar Tree.  Image by Jericho.


    Lots of backpacks popping up due to back to school shenanigans.

    Target Backpack
    (Image by Amanda)

    Meijers Backpack
    (Image by SmilySpaz)

    Camelio Table App Kit

    Neither I nor the submitter (Micheal) know what this is, but it's available at Walmart!

    Lip Gloss and Comb Set

    Brush the pretty mane~

    Image by Diana

    Sketch Portfolio

    Twi looks pretty good in leg bracelets.  Found at a random store in the mall by Taps