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    The next round of Fallout Equestria updates has been compiled up for release by arcane scroll. If you just can't get enough of ponies in the wasteland, this is the way to satisfy that need.

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    Fallout: Equestria is a big, expansive and inclusive universe that has spawned a whole plethora of side-stories, the newest and freshly updated editions of which are listed below.
    This post only features New or Updated stories from Thursday, June 6th, 2013 through Friday, July 5th, 2013 for a total of 104 stories (33 of which are new) and 171 new chapters - but fear not, should you be searching for old favourites, you can find them:
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    • All the stories in this post completely skip the pre-readers. Quality levels vary, but that isn't really the point. Ponies really love Fallout: Equestria, and taking a part of the world for themselves to build a story around is just great fun.
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    Story:  Rangers of Wintertrot Updated
    Two New Chapters: 4, 5
    Author:Tonto the Trotter
    When everypony but Inkwell is killed during their efforts to establish a new contingent of the Steel Rangers in Wintertrot. Their mission is left to the ill-prepared, traumatized but surprisingly eager Inkwell who has to build a contingent from scratch in a hostile city, far away from any reinforcements.

    No pressure then...
    Extra Tags:Dark, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  A Cut Above (Mirrors: [ Pony Fiction Archive]) Updated
    One New Chapter: 13
    Wicked Cut, a Tribal pony learning to be civilized, faces exile from his hometown to 'learn how to be a better pony'. Can he survive the Wasteland long enough to gain the knowledge and experience he needs to earn his place? Set in a post-Battle of Sunshine and Rainbows Equestria, this story will follow its protagonist through caves grimly holding the last of their radiation, abandoned pre-war facilities, and even to the clouds above.
    Extra Tags:Comedy, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  A Guardian's Tale Updated
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Nine - Into The Heart of Darkness"
    Aria always idolized her aunt, Princess Luna. So when the war began to ravage Equestria she answered the call to arms and joined the Royal Guard, specifically Princess Luna's personal guard. But on her way to her first day as her aunt's protector, a zebra plot is discovered and Aria sacrifices her life to save Canterlot. Or did she? Waking up in Stable 63, Aria is confronted with the horrifying reality that all she ever knew and loved died in an explosion of hellfire two hundred years ago. Now she must leave Stable 63 and venture into ruins of Trottingham so she can try to save the failing Stable and discover why she is still alive?
    Extra Tags:Tragedy, Sad, Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Aegis New
    One New Chapter: "Aegis"
    All I ever wanted was to use my talents to protect the ponies I cared about. With confidence, good aim, and ponies I trust by my side, I was able to do just that in the small town of Millstone. But there are some things you can't always count on.

    It's not unusual for a pony to run from her past here in the Wasteland. I just didn't know I was running.

    Written for the June 2013 Pre-Reader Battle.
    Extra Tags:Tragedy, Dark, Crossover

    Story:  As I Wander Updated
    One New Chapter: 3
    Almost a decade before Littlepip left Stable 2 a different set of heroes was fighting in the area around Dodge Junction. Calling themselves The Wanderers this mercenary group is dedicated to protecting the ponies of Dodge. Led by the capable Drift, the group comes across a strange discovery. A young mare with a pipbuck claiming to be in search of her brother stumbles into their lives. But it appears that somepony else is after the mare, it's up to the wanderers to protect their new-found friend from the evil of the wasteland. But as the dangers continue, will Drift be able to protect his group from the horrors of the wasteland? Or will the group become those very same horrors?
    Extra Tags:Romance, Tragedy, Dark, Comedy, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Begin Again New
    One New Chapter: 1
    They say war never changes.
    But we would have carried our torch out into the wastes, and put it to the horizon, reigniting our country's dawn. We would have stamped out the fires that still lapped at the edges of its flag, swept away the ashes of old cities, and taken apart those quiet engines of war, to leave the earth as it was to those three pioneer tribes, and write our names into new scripture.

    We would not only have changed war... we would have destroyed it, scouring it from even the hollow places, from the empty spaces between the stars. War... would be no more.

    But they spoiled it, and planted a bullet in place of our seed.

    If only any of us had seen it then. If only we had known our history:
    Known that, in the end, a bullet and a seed are not so different.
    After all... every war has to start somewhere.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Best Served Cold Updated
    One New Chapter: "The End"
    Beaumount is a peaceful town where trade flourishes and ponies don’t have to live in fear for every second of their lives. Sometimes they can even forget that the wasteland exists outside their valley stronghold, for a little while.

    The wastes do not like to be ignored.
    Extra Tags:Sad, Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Black And White Updated
    Two New Chapters: 2, 2
    Seventeen years have passed since the day of Sunshine and Rainbows, and the New Canterlot Republic is stronger than ever. But with success comes greed and ambition, the various factions within the Republic jostling for the right to decide the future of this new civilization. Now their ambitions drive them to gain control of one of the most ambitious projects yet faced by the NCR, a project two hundred years in the making... peace with the Zebra Empire.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Black Gold Updated
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 3"
    When Chip, a young warrior of an normadic tribe, is send out to retrieve an old artefact from his tribes former Stable, he gets caught up in an old conflict between his ancestors and the enclave. Can he prevent the worst from happen and bring peace to his clan?

    very, very loosley based on fallout 2
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Blood and Sin New
    Four New Chapters: "Prologue", "I Meet an Addict", "Magic and Apple Shaped Bombs", "Star Shooter"
    Author:Cinnamon Muffin
    Anything can be sold and debts must always be paid. Mastering the art of trade, a talented unicorn has always lived by these rules. But from the talk of the Stable Dweller and facing the usual Wasteland terror, she begins to doubt her cynical and ruthless morality.

    Fallout: Equestria universe from Kkat
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Broken Steel (Mirrors: [ deviantART]) Updated
    One New Chapter: 21
    Follow the adventures of the Rogue Steel Ranger as she journeys the Equestrian Wasteland with a task to find out why her life took such a turn for the worst.
    Extra Tags:Tragedy, Dark, Random, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Brotherhood Updated
    One New Chapter: "The Stable of Forgotten Gods"
    Five years prior to the events in FoE. Neo and Adam are brothers who care about family more than anything, and for them their lives are good. That is until they are mysteriously given an out of the blue assignment leaving Neo crippled, and to top it off their mother completely vanishes without any reason. Determined to find her, the two leave their calm life in Stable 142, only to face a war torn Province with a mysterious past. Its up to them to find their mother amongst the chaos at any cost.

    On their journey they meet new friends, find love, and even discover what it means to truly be brothers. Will they find their mother? Is she really just a pony from the Stable or more? Join them in Fallout: Equestria-Brotherhood.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Slice of Life

    Story:  Code of Honor, The Updated
    One New Chapter: 15
    Nova, a mare pegasus pony, was born and raised in a place of safety and security by a proud and noble family. Stable 181, a Stable dedicated to teaching and preserving the pre-war virtues known as the Elements of Harmony, allowed its residents to live a life of peace, knowledge, and honor. But when the Stable falls under attack by a raider war party, Nova and the remaining residents are cast out into the Equestrian wasteland.

    Without a home, Nova and the remaining Stable survivors must band together to make a living out in the wasteland. They must start from scratch, find a home, learn to trade and explore, and establish a foothold in the wastes. But during her efforts to help her people, Nova comes across strange pre-war recordings and artifacts pointing to a hidden pre-war nation. And when a mysterious pony questions Nova’s virtue and beckons for her to discover what the writings portray, Nova and her closest friends find themselves cast into a war fought to secure a legacy left behind by a secret pre-war society. Nova’s quest leads her to test her heart against the unrelenting force of the wasteland, to discover the meaning of the word honor, and to seek out and unlock a concealed pre-war secret, revealing to Nova that she is a part of something greater than she could have ever imagined.

    (This story is set twenty-five years before the adventures of Littlepip.)
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Dark Shores (Mirrors: [ deviantART]) Updated
    One New Chapter: 11
    After the Great War, when Megaspells rained from the skies; those not lucky enough to make it to the Stables, took to the sea. Sailing to Summer Sunset Isles resort, in hopes that such an out of the way location would be spared the holocaust. The initial refugees were cut off from the rest of the dying world by a great wall of wild weather that destroyed all that attempted to brave it.

    Now 200 years since, a tribal Seapony on an errand has a chance encounter that would lead to the changing of the Oceanic Wasteland forever.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Four New Chapters: "Introduction", 1, 2, 2.5
    The Equestrian Wasteland is a cruel mistress, decaying hopes and dashing dreams. It poisons its very residents, who created it some two hundred years in the past. Dusty Summers lives in such a place, and suffers from amnesia. Can he successfully rebuild his life and find out who he is in this hellhole, or will he become yet another rain-soaked carcass and add to the neverending death toll of the wastes? Only time will tell.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Despedida New
    One New Chapter: "Despedida"
    This story was written for the Fallout: Equestria group's 500 member writing contest. I chose the theme "at the sea". It's set in the same universe and area as my main story: Fertile Ground. Think of it as a little atmospheric flavor enhancer. The little drawing was made using my feeble skills as a visual artist. Yes, I should stick to music.

    A cleaner for a gang must hunt sharks with gruesome chum as he comes to grips with what he has done.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover

    Story:  Dust Updated
    Two New Chapters: "You Know Nothing", "Sequel is Out!"
    When A Lone New Canterlot Republic Soldier finds The Mane Six in the desolate wasteland of Equestria, 400 years after the Mega-spells dropped, he takes it upon himself to get them home, and possibly, Prevent the war, whatever the costs.

    *Note* Rated Teen for Sexual themes, drug abuse, Gore, and some language. Takes place around 400 years after the Mega spells, 200 years after the stories of Blackjack, and LittlePip.
    Extra Tags:Romance, Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    One New Chapter: "Registro 12"
    El camino para volverse una overmare es algo que muchos ponis no conocen. es un titulo que se hereda? se gana? o acaso puede ser recivido solo por suerte? un pony llamado silver silk nos contara a lo largo de una serie de sucesos como cualquier pony puede volverse una overmare y sobre los problemas que este titulo trae consigo.

    Story:  Forsaken Heroes Updated
    One New Chapter: 7
    Author:Broken Reign
    Waking up in a dark,dank, tunnel miles away from home is the first thing Reign wanted to do, but soon to find out, him and his friends are part of somthing much,much larger of a divine plan to shape thier destines,

    For Better, or for worse...
    Author: Broken Reign
    Editor and Proofreader: Angst Quillknight

    Inspired by the Works of Somber and KKat, and all great writers of FO:E.
    Extra Tags:Romance, Tragedy, Sad, Dark, Adventure

    Story:  Fossil, The (Mirrors: [ Google Docs]) Updated
    One New Chapter: "Глава 6: Элемент жестокости"
    Author:Lucky Ticket, Alnair
    Что скрывают снега далёкого Севера? Это предстоит узнать юной кобылке из Стойла 96 и её своенравной полосатой спутнице.
    С момента окончания Великой Войны прошло уже два столетия. Заброшенные города хранят остатки былой роскоши и довоенные тайны. Однако, если как следует покопаться и скинуть этот относительно недавний налёт, можно обнаружить ключ к разгадке тайн, куда как более древних…

    One New Chapter: 13
    Having lost everypony he cared about one unicorn finds himself in a foreign land.With danger and enemies around every corner he sets of on an adventure that could very well change the course of the post-apocalyptic Equestria.Meeting new friends and learning more about himself on his journey in the zebras homeland and beyond.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Two New Chapters: 1, 2
    (Requires knowledge of Fallout Equestria and it's backstory.)

    It's two hundred years after the megaspells hit Equestria and turned it into the horrible place known as the wasteland. Missy wakes up, not having any notion of the passage of time, she will have to deal with becoming the object of everyone's hatred.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Grim Prospects Updated
    Two New Chapters: "Chapter 2", "Chapter 3"
    Betrayed by her own community in Stable 9, Euphoria, an unwilling testpony, is left to her own devices in the wasteland, so she decides to do the only thing she can: find the ponies responsible for attacking her home, and bring them to justice. But her quest soon drags her into more heinous plots, that might implicate her Stable in things far more dangerous than brutal Raiders.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Hivemind Updated
    One New Chapter: "“Raiders of the lost”"
    A changeling wanders the badlands of Equestria, scavenging what it can and living from one meal to the next. But when some food becomes something more, life becomes more complicated, and perhaps more meaningful

    This fanfiction is based on Fallout Equestria by Kkat; a familiarity with the source material may aid your understanding.
    You can read Fallout Equestria by Kkat on Equestria Daily

    Edited by the amazing De-Writer!
    Extra Tags:Romance, Dark, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Hooves of Fate, The (Mirrors: [ deviantART]) Updated
    One New Chapter: 4
    Author:Sprocket Doggingsworth
    A young filly in present day Ponyville is cursed with nightmares of post-apocalyptic Equestria. She finds herself influencing the course of future history in ways that nopony notices, and that she herself cannot understand. Without her seemingly minor contributions, many of the events depicted in Fallout: Equestria (by Kkat) would not be possible.

    She must learn to balance her life at home with her life on the other side of the veil, and fight to preserve her own sanity, and her own innocence. She discovers that such a task is only possible through the magic of friendship.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Three New Chapters: "Capitulo 11 Parte III Fantasmagoría", "Capitulo 11 Parte IV Fantasmagoría", "Capitulo 11 Parte V Fantasmagoría"

    Story:  Last Sentinel, The Updated
    One New Chapter: "Reflection Sixteen: Nightingale"
    Frost Windchill is known to be a storyteller of sorts. Comfortable with telling the occasional sprite tale or legend, a child approaches him one day and asks for a real story.

    And so Frost tells one- the story of his life. It's not a typical story, and there's more to it- just as there's more to the descendant of a Lunar Guard. It's a story not just of himself but the heroes he stood beside- big and small, legendary and obscure. But there's something amiss, buried lies between the lines.

    After all, it's hard to kill memories when you remember everything.
    Extra Tags:Romance, Tragedy, Sad, Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Four New Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Stable Dweller from Stable 30, Tornado Dash wakes up just outside the Stable, without any idea of how he got there and who did it to him. As soon as he leaves the cave, he sees the ravaged land that was once Equestria. Tornado wants to save the Wasteland from the very horrors that it contains and bring peace upon the land. But can he really save Equestria from the very cataclysm that shook the world to its knees?

    Thanks to Kkat for making the original story, if you haven't read Kkat's story go and read it now, you will not be disappointed! Thanks to my followers for being there for me.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Loose Change Updated
    One New Chapter: "And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind"
    The Wasteland is no place to strike it rich but after receiving a lucrative offer from a mysterious client, Short Change finds himself in a situation he can't refuse.
    Extra Tags:Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Luck of the Draw New
    Two New Chapters: "Prologue", 1
    Copious Chance (or Chance to her friends) is a mare living in Stable 19.
    Life is perfectly normal, until one day her Father leaves the Stable on some agenda, and Chance is almost killed by a dastardly stallion that goes by the name of Vermillion Crux.
    A naive stable dweller, searching for her Father and revenge in the middle of the Equestrian wasteland?
    What could possibly go wrong?

    Based on the original story by Kkat
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Medicine & Mail Updated
    Two New Chapters: 3, 3.5
    The Wasteland will take everything of you and constantly demand more.

    The path of a caravan trader and Junction medic will cross as they both embark on a journey across the blasted desert wasteland and beyond.

    What lessons will they learn along the road and how will their travels impact those around them?

    (Spoiler Material)
    Bit Flip's Character Sheet
    Vitia's Character Sheet
    Character sheets are updated as the main story progresses.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Memories Updated
    One New Chapter: 20
    Frosty Winds was just your typical rank-and-file Enclave scout. Then one day she took a mission and...forgot nearly everything. Days later, she wakes up in a Steel Ranger base as a prisoner and is forced to put together what happened and who she is, all the while trying to stay alive and put her life back together.
    Extra Tags:Romance, Sad, Dark, Comedy, Crossover, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Merchants of Hope Updated
    Three New Chapters: 9, 10, 11
    Author:Gamma Deekay
    On his journey to become a legendary wasteland trader, Backlash and his best friend Skyline journey around Equestria in an attempt to solve a problem that has existed from before the Great War even started. But as a shy young Steel ranger acolyte and rough and tumble Griffin join their adventures, the whole of the wasteland seemingly erupts into chaos as the politics and power players of the time come into their own. But one thing is for sure, not everypony is who, or what they seem to be at first glance.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Comedy, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Natural Selection Updated
    One New Chapter: 6
    Equestria is gone.

    In its place a barren and inhospitable wasteland, inhabited by the worst of ponykind's darkest nightmares. But some small remnants of the old ways survive, clinging to a harsh and unforgiving existence constantly on the edge of oblivion. These lucky few are the descendants of the nation of friendship, the survivors of magical cataclysm and the harshest punishments ponykind could levy upon itself. Some hid themselves away in great underground vaults called the Stables, sealed away until Equestria was habitable once more.

    However, there were other things that weathered the storm. Things hidden in dark places beneath the earth, concealed by their creators for use in the great war, before the creators were themselves destroyed. And here we find one such thing. A weapon, a device for killing that fed off the lives of its victims, artificially filled with spite and malice.

    This weapon had a name, but he can't remember. This weapon had a life, now torn asunder. This weapon had a love, irretrievably lost.

    And now he wants payback.
    Extra Tags:Romance, Tragedy, Dark, Adventure

    One New Chapter: 16
    Author:Roy Calbeck
    Mr. Horse's pet courier has been murdered and his property stolen. And while the price on the killers' heads is good enough to get any bounty hunter's attention, it's the bonus for returning a silly little poker chip that draws Dead-Shot in.

    A pony could retire on that kind of jackpot...
    Extra Tags:Dead-Shot

    Story:  New Roam (Mirrors: [ Pony Fiction Archive]) Updated
    One New Chapter: 22
    Goldwreath is a generally calm, logical, if slightly overdramatic, stable pony in a stable in Equestria. Or is he? Finding himself in the Zebra Nation, within the crumbling ruins of the Zebra capital of Roam, he Faces the product of war on the Zebra front. Scrambling to survive and bring back peace to the city, he gathers together an unlikely band of allies to restore Roam to it's former glory.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  New World Blues Updated
    One New Chapter: "The Root of the Problem"
    An old ranger heads west
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Old Grudges New
    Two New Chapters: "Introduction", 1
    Many of us believe that Fate is an uncontrollable force. That the bullet we should keep an eye out for is not the one labeled with our name, but the bullet labeled 'To whom it many concern.' This is the story of an individual who has conquered fate. Who now determines what time is appropriate for him die.
    Extra Tags:Sad, Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    One New Chapter: 2
    Welcome to the Waste, a dry land of cacti and sagebrush, buffalo and ponies, radiation and taint. Life here was hard even before the war that tainted the land. Dehydration and lack of food will kill you almost as surely as the creatures, to say nothing of the bandits, raiders, and the general populace.

    Out on the steppe, a mare struggles to find her place in this new and harsh world. Yet her task is complicated by roaming gangs, turf wars, crazed mystics, and puzzles nearly two centuries old. It takes strong stuff to survive in a land gone mad. Will she be guided towards her destiny? Or will her dried corpse serve as a warning to those who happen to find it?
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Ponies Fall Apart New
    One New Chapter: 1
    Raiders are the most common opponents for every wastelander. Nopony ever ask what stories they could tell us about history or how they carved wastelands for better or more commonly for worse. Why did they never stop respawning till Littlepip half fixed Equestria? Ever wonder how anypony could go vile? Ever want to see the 50+ shades of evil in motion? Well 13 years before Littlepip left her vault The Immortal tribe scourged Manehatten. That untill Juggernaut's ascension to warlord.
    Extra Tags:Tragedy, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    One New Chapter: 2
    Some of us are misfits, some of us are outcasts, a couple of us up and left. We have been used, cheated, but never again. Sometimes we question ourselves, our ability to complete the task at hoof, but we never forget our duty. We owe it to Equestria, we owe it to ourselves. We will help anypony, and anypony who proves themselves can join us. Alone we are dangerous, but, as one, we are Ponies of Mass Destruction.
    Extra Tags:Romance, Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Price of Change New
    Two New Chapters: "Prologue", "The Awakening"
    Author:Midnight Page
    Midnight Page is not your average changeling. In truth he is only half changeling. His other half, while once pony has become something more. The dark pact and the double edged sword of gifts and curses it brought with it made with Nightmare Moon long ago during her original rise to power has prolonged his life far beyond what it should have been. However in a desperate attempt to preserve his sanity against the toll of the years, he has undergone a self induced amnesia and forgotten much of what he has learned over his lifetime. Through the bombardment of balefire bombs and the immediate fallout after words, he was kept in a protective cocoon and in a state of coma. But now Nightmare Moon wishes to once again establish an influence upon the world, and has awakened him to the remains of the world and her service. Join Midnight as he struggles with finding his true identity and purpose once again and dealing with the choices and actions he must take to survive in the Wasteland...
    Extra Tags:Sad, Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Project H.I.V.E. New
    One New Chapter: "Survival"

    To most, they are the creatures that almost took Canterlot, shapeshifters able to feed on the emotions of those around them.
    While this is true, it is not all there is to the story.

    When the Great War began, an alliance was struck between Princesses Celestia and Luna, of Equestria, and Queen Chrysalis, of the Changelings.
    The changelings, natural infiltrators since birth, would become spies for Equestria. In return, they would no longer be hunted, permitted to continue feeding as they had for countless years before their failed invasion, provided they not engage in acts harmful to the equine government or population at large.

    Of course, that was simply the beginning. As the war began to escalate, Stable-Tec, the company responsible for the life-saving Stables, recieved a request from parties that would, as part of the contract, remain anonymous and unnamed.
    They were asked to create something new, something that would allow both changelings and ponies to survive, and promote harmony between the races.

    They were asked to create...

    Project H.I.V.E.
    Extra Tags:Crossover, Slice of Life

    Story:  Rangers North (Mirrors: [ deviantART]) Updated
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 006: Sanctuary"
    When Fallen Shield and the Delta Detachment-3 of the Steel Rangers, Northern Contingent begin their work on Procedure 23, he and his squad find themselves in the thick of battle for the first time in their entire lives. With more at stake than just his squad, will he be able to make the decisions that eventually may lead the North Contingent to their defeat? Will he be able to save the Stable Dwellers that have yet to come out from their underground safe houses? Or will he hesitate just long enough for a long forgotten Empire to crush them all?

    Story:  Rise from the Ashes (Mirrors: [ Google Docs]) Updated
    One New Chapter: 3
    Stricken with amnesia after a lead shower, one stallion must face the harsh Marehave Desert in order to discover his past and forge his future. Without even a name for himself, and only one poor lead to follow, can he truly survive? This story will spoil the end of the original Fallout: Equestria right from the start, you have been warned.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Random, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Rough Water New
    One New Chapter: "Naval archive: File 1928: the Wind Way Event"
    Imagine a land that wasn't shades of grey.
    A world where the sun shone brightly and the plants grew more vibrantly than ever.

    Welcome to the Compact Archipelago, once it was a zebra colony, now it's governed by a near ancient agreement, Zebra villagers feed the remnants of the Equestrian Royal Navy, and the navy protects the villagers from pirates.

    Seems simple right? Kill pirates get food, while looking for pirates, kick back and enjoy the surf, fresh air, the tropical fruit, and the sun...

    Wrong! The entire "relaxing" thing is quickly killed by the fact their are mine fields, 20 foot swells, diseases, the fact that the pirates are every bit as well armed as you, and you know... THE OCEAN IS IRRADIATED!

    Now some group of pegasus ass-hats decked out in black just show up, blow up one of our boats, and occupy an island. Fuck. That. It's war!
    this is for the 500 member contest under "at the sea", but the other two sort of come in...

    oh and that hasty phottoshop job that barley passes as cover art was made by me.
    Extra Tags:Tragedy, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    One New Chapter: "Once More, With Passion"
    Some things want to see the world burn.

    This is generally seen as evil, and rightly so.

    However, most of the things that want to do so are more than happy to munch on popcorn as small cuddly equines do it for them.

    As it turns out, many, without knowing the context, find the creatures who do so funny.

    This is one of those creatures.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Comedy, Slice of Life, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Second Wind Updated
    One New Chapter: 9
    ''The Equestria you knew and loved is gone''--This tired old phrase needs no reintroduction. Set in the same world as FoE written by Kkat, this story explores another tale that ended in sadness and left so many unanswered questions. When second chances are almost unheard of, one soldier that paid the ultimate sacrifice will find himself in a world that moved on without him, seeking an end to his story with absolution. Oaths are sacred and promises must be kept--Even if they don't matter to anyone else but the dead. Also, friendship.

    I do not own FoE and I am writing this without permission. Kkat is a great author and I was inspired to write my own story based off her work on FoE.
    I also do not own Fallout and am doing this as a work of fiction for no revenue whatsoever.

    FoE Copyright Kkat
    Fallout Copyright Bethesda
    Extra Tags:Tragedy, Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    One New Chapter: 25
    When the Goddess died, the minds and souls in Unity spread out across the Alicorn race. From the ashes of her death, the Alicorns banded together and with assistance from Velvet Remedy created the Followers of the Apocalypse.

    Radiant Star, a younger Alicorn and a newly initiated member of the Followers, experiences a terrifying magic that changes her body to appear similar to a certain Ministry Mare that was part of the Goddess. But the changes do not stop there. Star soon finds that she is harboring the barest emotions and feelings of Twilight Sparkle, and is desperate to understand why.

    With her fellow Follower Violet Iris in tow, Star searches for the answers she needs. Soon she will find out that her transformation will affect the entire world.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Subject 00 (Mirrors: [ deviantART]) Updated
    One New Chapter: 15
    Fallout Equestria: Subject 00 is a story of Alicron Mare who has her own power sealed away in her own body. she believes she a just a normal Earth pony but this is far from the truth. She is thrown into the Waste of Equestria with no Knowledge of her true origins or what she really is.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Sweet Nothings (Mirrors: [ Google Docs]) Updated
    One New Chapter: 4
    Author:Golden Tassel
    Somewhere, a puzzle piece is searching for its picture.

    It doesn't know how it became lost -- maybe the wind led it astray, maybe life swept it underneath the carpet. But none of that matters. Without the bigger picture, the puzzle piece will never be complete. It must return to its home.

    As it searches, the puzzle piece stops to wonder. "Is the rest of the puzzle searching for me? Will it be happy to see me? Does the red streak across my tail complete a lover's happy heart, or does it stain a charnel mound?"

    But the puzzle piece doesn't have time to seek answers. The picture does not matter. Completing the picture -- be it happy, tender, fulfilling, or otherwise -- will complete the puzzle piece. Once it finds its place, nothing else will matter.

    Also available on Google Docs

    Special thanks to:
    Malicious Muse for letting me appropriate his awesome poetry.
    Slotos for being an awesome editor (I don't care what you say, that title is sticking ;P).
    Ana Mizuki and Snipehamster for being awesome prereaders.
    Extra Tags:Tragedy, Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Three New Chapters: "If You Thought This Story Would Have A Happy Ending, You Haven't Been Paying Attention.", "Being Poni Is Suffering", "(Interlude lll) Behold Death, The Ultimate Equalizer!"
    Ever Watchful was a typical young bull, eager to see more of the world outside his isolated home. At least, more of it besides the bleak wastelands that surrounded him every day. However, when actions beyond his control sends him in the direction of the city of Tauronto, the other last great city, he must question everything he has assumed about the world and himself as he carves out a new life.

    Also, what the hell is this "Caladonia" place, anyway?
    Extra Tags:Dark, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Two New Chapters: "Prologue: Tales of a Broken City", 1
    In the north of Equestria, there lies a city. A broken city, filled with everyday ponies, minotaur, and numerous others just trying to fight for survival. A city that lived and breathed popular culture before the war. A city that plays host to numerous factions all vying for control.

    Welcome, to Chicacolt.

    Fallout Equestria: Tales of Chicacolt is a sidefic that takes a bit of a different take on the FoE universe. Set entirely in the city of Chicacolt, Tales takes a look at the various characters that live there. Each chapter is a short story episode, focusing on a different character. Tales of Chicacolt also takes place in the same universe as "Fallout Equestria: Starlight" where Chicacolt was featured prominently.

    Co-authored by Wirepony, and pre-read by McMesser.

    Cover art by the incredible Aerondight.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Four New Chapters: "Fallout Equestria: The Tartarus Contingency (Intro)", 1, 2, 3
    The Crystal Empire. Most in the south thought it was a fairy tale, even before the war. Their inclusion in those violent times arrived thanks to their resources- zebra and pony alike hungered for the kingdoms untapped powers. More than a century after the Last Day, this fanciful idea of an immense, gleaming nation persists. Only a few brave travelers have returned from the frigid north past the Crystal Mountains, weaving tales of endless emptiness, unforgiving cold, and a single broken city with strange items and snipers with xenophobia. They are the only ones with any witness to what those wastes hold, as none of the residents have ever been seen in the south beyond rumor or shallow graves.

    For Snapshot, however, he is jaded against the folklore. He knew what the crystal city of Resilience really was. To him, all the story books and campfire tales are a silly history; polished tales of what his ancestors once were.

    Cast southward, he will be one of the few crystal ponies in over a century to see the world beyond the mountains. Embarking along The Long Trot, the only way known to reach the southern wasteland from Resilience, he must prove that the treacherous journey can be survived... And can end in immense profit from his kin for those willing to suffer it. If he does not, the atrophy of already dwindling trade will starve the city, and the once powerful nation will be abandoned to the cold and ire of an environment that has sought to claim it for many years.

    Yet the ignorant southern ponies still cling to the old hatreds, and the old technology, that annihilated the concept of peace. The powers that fueled the Last Day linger still, in weapons, in Stables, and in souls. Entwined in the constant squabble of survival, Snapshot is about to discover the truth behind the separation between north and south.

    The sins of the old days are not easy to forgive. Especially for a pony of the Crystal Empire.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Transient New
    One New Chapter: "Transient"
    A contribution to the 500 member writing contest in Fallout Equestria, under the theme "At the Sea." Drifting somewhere in the marediterranean, a lone AI has been charged with taking care of a nuclear submarine until such time as the crew are freed from stasis. The intelligence, fond of the name Rusty, has grown increasingly lonely and desperate in the years following armageddon. In his desperate and only occasionally crazed radio broadcasts, he makes contact with a friendly vessel for the first time in over a hundred years and remembers just what hope feels like.
    Extra Tags:Slice of Life, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Wanderers Updated
    One New Chapter: 7
    Author:Mach Speed
    Clear Shot's life takes a turn for the worst when an act of evil befalls his family. In a desperate act of vengeance, Clear sets out to rid the Equestrian Wasteland of the scum that inhabit it. Along the way he must learn that he can not do it alone.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  We're no Heroes Updated
    One New Chapter: 34
    Not everypony who crawls out of a stable can be a Littlepip or a Blackjack. Some try and fail. Some just give up after a while. Some are still alive fifteen years after they emerged, admittedly, crippled or insane, but hey, this is the wasteland. Cyborgs Anne and her brain damaged mother Lee are forced to return to the hell hole that created them in order to find out what was done to them almost two decades ago, and that means putting down their tools and picking up their guns again.
    Extra Tags:betrayal, cyborg, weapons, fight, wander, Lee, Anne

    Story:  Wild Wasteland Updated
    One New Chapter: 5
    Just a few weeks before the Stable Dweller first saw the sky, a young unicorn named Click Click from New Appleloosa is overcome by wanderlust and decides to see the world, joining up as a guard with the Checkmate Company. It starts off normal enough, but when his first job involves escorting an important delivery to the Cult of Discord, he ends up having to kiss his life of normalcy goodbye.
    Extra Tags:Comedy, Random, Crossover, Adventure

    One New Chapter: 15
    Историю, путник, тебе расскажу,
    Да против правды я не погрешу.
    Прикрой свои очи, послушай слова,
    Что до меня доносила молва.

    Был век, что царил круг лишь мир да покой
    И дружно все жили, что стар, что младой.
    И не было воин, печалей, невзгод,
    С тех пор миновал уже не первый тьмы год.

    Тьмы время настало и пал Кантерлот,
    Теперь нет у пони привычных хлопот.
    В скитаниях жизни свои коротать,
    На Пустоши скудную пищу искать.

    Надежд больше нет, все их мрак поглотил,
    Тот мрак, что в душе своей каждый таил,
    Осталась душа ль ещё? Спорный вопрос.
    Убить могут тут за пшеничный колос.

    Ты спросишь мой друг, может есть ещё свет?
    Ответом не будет бесспорное «нет».
    Ответом не будет короткое «да»,
    Почти не несут смысла эти слова.

    Историю, путник, тебе расскажу,
    Да против правды я не погрешу.
    Прикрой свои очи, послушай слова,
    Что до меня доносила молва.

    О сером пегасе-дашите мой сказ,
    О том, кто не принял Анклава приказ.
    Мой сказ о волшебнице, дарящей свет,
    Бежавшей от горестей, злобы и бед.

    О пони, лицо чьё скрывает доспех,
    Не часто услышать её можно смех,
    Тебе расскажу я, исполню заказ.
    Теперь же послушай правдивый рассказ…

    One New Chapter: "Prologue: We Were Recruits"
    Author:Storming Skies
    Ember Flame had it all. Good friends. A paycheck. A rank of Captain in the most feared fighting force in the New Canterlot Republic. A post at the most entertaining wasteland city there was. She had rank, reputation, and respect. She was on top of the world.

    But when a mission goes horribly wrong, and Ember Flame's squad is betrayed, an unknown source contacts them, preaching promises of revenge.

    But such things dig up secrets that should be left to die. Secrets that should not have existed at all. When Ember realizes she is now in the crossfire between a rivalry that spans back years, Ember must make the toughest decision of her life.

    The question is, who is right, when both sides are wrong?

    [Sequel to Fallout Equestria: Dust. Rated Mature due to clop and some gore. Enjoy!]
    Extra Tags:Romance, Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Archangel New
    One New Chapter: "Prologue - New Cloudsdale"
    Author:AF Spitfire
    Carbon Fiber, a feeble-minded pegasus is hunted down by the Enclave after his family is accused of treason. He is forced to leave his home city, New Cloudsdale, and venture into the Equestrian Wasteland. He must either hunt, or be the hunted.

    Two New Chapters: "Intro", 1
    When his home town is sacked by slavers, his marefriend captured, and his father killed, Carty Grapher must travel the wasteland to get them back. But he won't be going it alone. With an enigmatic group of companions he'll travel from Appleoosa to Manehatten and beyond to get his love back.
    Extra Tags:Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Cloppenhagen Chronicles (Mirrors: [ FanFiction.Net]) Updated
    One New Chapter: "Future dreams or past visions."
    Cloppenhagen: Once a large trade city at the south most border of Equestria. Cloppenhagen was trading with anyone who had things to trade and bits to buy, but once the war started, the trade with the Zebra lands started to stop, even if the city was still willing to trade with the foreign country. When the bombs fell, it landed outside the city, so it wasn’t irradiated, but it was still hit by the shockwave. When the ponies of Cloppenhagen emerged from the Stables in and around the City, they started rebuilding the city as best as they could; it took years, but eventually they created what was more or less a society; they even went to the Zebra lands and established trade with the remaining Zebras in an effort to help them restore their country as well as themselves. Now 2 mares from the only stable left in Cloppenhagen goes into the wasteland, to seek adventure, and maybe find grand treasures from the past.

    Story:  Close Call New
    One New Chapter: "Home"
    All of his life, Close Call has only ever known the grey, steel walls of Stable 81. That is, until an alternate path is laid out for him: an enigmatic research expedition into the outside world to learn just what has happened to everypony else. What he'll find, he does not know. Civilization? Death? War? There is only one way to be certain, and Close Call may find there are more questions than answers in the Equestrian Wasteland.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Exodus Updated
    Two New Chapters: "Transit", "End of the Journey- Part 1"
    Author:Mark Garg Von Herb
    “For generations we have lived in the rubble of the sins of our past leaders. But the world is changing. The Enclave war machine is growing, and the armies of the Steel Rangers and Red Eye wage war for order across the Equestrian Wasteland. But while Equestria drowns in its own blood, my people are united under a banner. A banner of the Gold Star. A banner of tyranny. With me is their salvation.”


    Meris was a simple earth pony living his life in Stable 67. All he really did was fix clocks and day dream about a single mare he hoped to spend the rest of his life with. But when he is wrongfully exiled from his home he finds himself fighting for survival across the Equestrian Wasteland with a group of survivors making an exodus to their homeland. And with them is something that is making them the number one target for a vicious warlord.

    (Might get some better cover art depending on how things go.)
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Alternate Universe

    Story:  False Dawn Updated
    Two New Chapters: 5, 6
    Author:Requiem Mori
    Set in the world created by Kkat and expanded upon by other authors, this story takes place in Fallout: Equestria, following the journey of Nevermore. Unforgiven, she atones for her sins through aimless wandering, enduring the suffering around her. Her life is a cold and lifeless thing, and she has grown to accept her fate, as much as she rails against it. But perhaps even one such as she can find a glimmer of hope in the blasted wasteland, or will the world break her further, as she races against time.

    All rights to their original owners. No claims made or implied by this work.
    Extra Tags:Sad, Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Gaia Prevails Updated
    Four New Chapters: "Chapter Nine: Dashing", "Chapter Ten: Family", "Chapter Eleven: Sex (sfw)", "Chapter Twelve: Truth"
    Author:John Colt
    My name is Aideen, I was a slave for the Crimson Company. As I grew up learning Stable-maintenance my talent has been used to hack terminals and the likes. The story starts with them discovering a facility by "Gaia Prevails", a resistance-group especially known for stealing and destroying research and weapons on both sides during the later half of the war.
    Of that team I am the only survivor; they were all slaughtered by - and this is where it gets weird - an evil bodiless entity, I believe is Nightmare Moon. After having a good bloodbath she planted a weird type of memory-orb in my saddlebags and let me go.
    Being a free pony has its own set of challenges, getting a mission from Nightmare Moon and keeping a slaver-superpower from getting all that fancy tech from the Gaia Prevails facility doesn't help with that either.
    I don't think I'm going insane, but then again 90% of those who are deny it.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Hard Roads Updated
    One New Chapter: 3
    The Equestrian Wasteland is a hard place to get by; monsters are everywhere. Sometimes, to get by, you just have to become one of those monsters . . .

    Raiders, slavers, cannibals, thieves. . . what is it that really separates the good ponies from the bad ponies when everypony's holding a gun at you? Follow just another dash-head through the wastes as he strives for the same thing everypony else wants; survival.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    One New Chapter: "Resurrection"
    Author:Cobra of England
    All of the various races created ways to survive the Apocalapse- some led by a government, others led by companies or inspired individuals.

    The dragons had none of these. But only because their method created a monster...

    Entered into the FO:E writing contest for Before the Bombs and Above the Clouds.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Alternate Universe

    Story:  In Her Shadows Updated
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 1"
    Author:Leo Collie
    The destruction of Equestria and much of the civilized world was a seventeen year buildup, to which many played a part in. This included the former Wonderbolt and war-hero Fleetfoot, who had a more significant role to play in bringing about the end of the world. A hundred and seventy four years following the explosive conclusion of the Great War between Equestria and the Roam Empire, a pegasus colt seeks out a new home for himself, and finds himself immersed in the tragic tale of the end of the world and the turmoil it wrought.

    'In Her Shadows' seeks to explore some of the more political, intricate and subtle elements leading up the the destruction of Equestria, and is in some ways, an experiment on different styles of writing.
    Extra Tags:Sad, Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Least Of Us, The Updated
    One New Chapter: "Taking On the World"
    An Overmare has responsibilities. Take care of your stable. Keep order. Make sure the experiment is running the way it should.

    The stable is a closed circle under the stern hoof of its draconian Overmare, slowly cooking away at a sociological experiment two hundred years in the making.

    But the circle is broken by the arrival of a stranger and an artifact that forces its Overmare into the shifting tides of the Wasteland. She'll have to make choices. She'll have to hurt people. And she'll have to find answers.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Lost Dreams New
    One New Chapter: 1
    This is the Story of GH0ST. a wanderer who took up residence in Diese less than ago. while his past is murky the area is familiar, he intends to reclaim what he lost and find fame, fortune and a ton of loot along the way.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    One New Chapter: "The Great Soda Pop Heist."
    Everypony knows that Sparkle Cola only comes in bottles and its always flat and warm. But what if it didn't have to be? More then two hundred years ago a war changed the face of Equestria and the neighboring lands. A little over two decades ago the Lightbringer and her friends began the process of rebuilding the Equestria wasteland with a return to the values of Friendship and Harmony.

    We still aren't there yet but a group of misfits from Junction town are going to give the world a Sparkle Cola and see if they can't teach the wasteland that if you go for a soda that no pony hurts and no pony dies. Maybe if there is time they can get some cool souvenirs from the old world.
    Extra Tags:Random, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Oakwood Blues Updated
    Three New Chapters: 7, 8, 9
    Oakwood City is mysterious island forever shrouded in mist to the outside world. Built by an unknown group of ponies and long thought by most to hold vast quantities of untouched old world technology, but some believe it is a portal to another dimension in which the war never happened. All those that venture to the jungle island are never heard from again and it was was for this reason the Goddess banished Shell Shock and her sister there many years ago....

    Thanks to Kkat for creating the Fallout Equestria universe.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Recovery Updated
    One New Chapter: 3
    Rivet Turner is a repair pony in Stable 12. One day while fixing the Overmare's terminal he comes across a strange message.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  SIDEQUEST (Mirrors: [ Google Docs]) Updated
    One New Chapter: "Brainsick"
    Spanner Wrench's story is an alternate dimension story. "Painted" with some of the same colors as Kkat's Fallout Equestria, but with a different "canvas" so to speak; some things will be radically different.

    But we all know that war, war never changes, no matter how much everything else changes.

    Meet Spanner Wrench. She's a slacker maintenance mare living in Stable 105, which culled ponies from the Bayston area.. What does the Lottery have to do with her and her family? Why does one of the most powerful ponies in the Wastes have such high expectations for her? What nightmares will she go through... Follow me, and let's find out in Fallout Equestria; SIDEQUEST.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover

    Story:  SSDW New
    Two New Chapters: "This ain't the Mojave...", "Knowledge is Power"
    A Fallout: New Vegas/Fallout Equestria crossover

    After a mishap with the Transportalponder, the Courier finds himself in a ruined city, one he doesn't recognise. With his only way home broken, he has to rely on help from the natives. Of course, they aren't willing to help without a few things in return. And these Wastelands are much more dangerous than the one he knows so well.

    No relation to my other Courier in Equestria fics with the exception of Thomas!
    Extra Tags:Dark, Comedy, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Human

    Story:  Shattered Armour Updated
    One New Chapter: 3
    Broken Thorn only ever wanted to serve honorably, to work for the betterment of Equestria in the royal guard and serve Princess Celestia.
    That didn't work out so well when the Balefire bombs dropped right in the middle of his first mission.
    Two hundred years later he finds completing his mission to be the least of his worries. Stranded in the wastes with no friends, a pair of wings he doesn't remember getting and too many questions.
    Being an Alicorn is tough.
    But being the only Alicorn stallion?
    Needless to say hilarity and chaos follow.

    This fanfiction is based on Fallout Equestria by Kkat, whose magnificent work of fiction inspired me to seriously write for the first time in my life.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Comedy, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Silent Ponyville Updated
    Two New Chapters: 3, 4
    Littlepip, Hero of the Equestrian Wasteland is unexpectedly pulled from retirement when she finds herself mysteriously wondering around the dream like world of Silent Ponyville, One of Stable-Tech’s most ambitious projects to save Equestria from its own people. A place that for her becomes a living nightmare more horrific then anything she ever seen before. As Littlepip embarks on a quest to find away to return home, she must fight monsters spawned from her psychological scars and sexual frustrations and discover the secrets of Silent Ponyville which could put the entire land of Equestria at risk.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Sleep New
    One New Chapter: "Sleep"
    Author:windmill 7
    Bittersweet has had problems sleeping for as long as she can remember. Unable to function properly in the workings of a normal adult life, she spends her days at the Manehattan Psychiatric Hospital trapped between the different states of her affliction. But when Equestria is suddenly destroyed at the peak of its war against the Zebra Empire, Bittersweet is forced to deal with the conditions of a harsh new world.

    For the Fallout: Equestria group's 500 member writing competition, using the theme "before the bombs."
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover

    Story:  Snowfall Updated
    One New Chapter: "What We Must"
    In the Enclave, everypony has a purpose. In order to sustain life above the clouds every stallion, mare, and foal must do their part to keep the society up and running. Unfortunately for Sleet Gray, she is practically useless. An obsolete special talent, unimpressive looks, and a physique unsuited for military life, she instead tries to develop skills in other areas. She taught herself the intricacies of pre-war technology, specializing in "data extraction." However, there are files that some ponies would prefer remained unseen, and when a practice session has her uncover a top secret military file holding a dark plan, she is forced to come to grips with the terrible reality she lives in. Before it can truly sink in, she is attacked by the ponies she has known all her life and has to escape. Wanted for treason, Sleet flees into the Wasteland, hoping to survive long enough to try and stop the atrocities about to unfold before her demons catch up with her.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Strange Places Updated
    Two New Chapters: 27, 28
    Author:Sigh Delakirus
    Diamond Knives is a halfbreed of unicorn and zebra, and a resident of the Prison,
    a correctional facility that was sealed long ago to protect itself from the ravages
    of the Great War.
    However, she and her closest friend, a zebra by the name of Zeed, flee in order to
    escape the most recent riot, when Knives is caught by a rival among the Guards,
    and nearly killed in the incident.
    Finding herself given a new life within the ruins of Canturbury, she will soon
    discover that she is not what she once believed herself to be, and be forced to
    find the freakish experiments performed within Canturbury Research, in order to
    stop a madman from destroying whats left of Equestria.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Subject Delta Updated
    One New Chapter: 4
    Halfway through the war, a decision was made. After several unsuccessful assassination attempts, the Ministry of Arcane Sciences and the Ministry of Wartime Technology cooperated in what was to be the (arguably) greatest failed project of the entire war. Crippled by public opinion and ethics, it was announced as a failed project and supposedly abandoned. Or, at least, that's what everyone thought.
    The truth was, too many resources had been poured into this project to just walk away. Lives had been lost, budgets had been spent, and time had been wasted. So, research and development continued unofficially, as the ministry mares turned a blind eye.

    This project, was 'Project Rapture'.

    This, as you may or may not have guessed, is a story based upon Fallout: Equestria. It is also pretty heavily 'inspired' (stolen) from Bioshock 1 and 2.
    Any constructive criticism is completely welcome, since I'm pretty new to writing fanfics.
    Extra Tags:Crossover, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Sundered Steel New
    Two New Chapters: 1, "Prologue"
    Author:Mr Gear
    Friendship... Friendship never changes.

    In the Detrot wasteland, a captain of industry in the old world rises from his slumber. A humble Stable doctor gets thrust into a world of politics, new enemies, and old scores to settle. He can only hope that the shifting world doesn't swallow him up as he journeys into the unknown with a team of unlikely allies. Hopefully, they'll be able to put aside their differences long enough to survive.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Four New Chapters: "Vitia's Tale, Part 2: Wasteland 101", "Vitia's Tale, Part 1: Desert's Edge Junction", "Medicine & Mail, Chapter 2.5: Willow", "Medicine & Mail, Chapter 3.5: Purpose"
    These are the tales of those forced to fight against an unforgiving land and all of the dark, ugly truths that rest within.

    The Wasteland takes back twice what it gives. The Marejave is no different.

    Entries found here are comprised of short stories, one shots, and mature chapters based on the Marejave in Medicine & Mail.

    Not every submission will necessarily contain sex and gore as the rating tags suggest. This whole story page will be considered as such. Individual ratings, genres, content warnings, etc., will be listed at the beginning of every story submission.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Time Lord's Plight Updated
    Two New Chapters: 3, 4
    War. War never changes. Neither do Time Lords.

    /Rated T for Time Lord.
    Edited by syvvak
    Pre-read by SimplyThePony

    Based on the wonderful Fallout: Equestria by Kkat. Huge thanks to her for letting us, common writers, play in the world she created!
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Walking The Line New
    One New Chapter: "The Dreams We Have."
    The Equestrian Wasteland is an unforgiving place. Always taking, destroying, and tarnishing everything a pony holds dear till there is nothing left but despair, madness, and death. Such has been the law of the world since the balefire bombs fell and wiped out countless lives.

    And such has never been more true, than to those that dare try to change it.

    The Equestrian Wasteland destroys heroes. Taking, till there is nothing left but a husk filled with madness, and rage.

    And yet... What of those that never asked to be heroes? What of those that have already lost everything dear to them?

    Can a pony already straddling the line between decency and madness be forced into such a role?

    Set in the Fallout Equestria universe, this little story takes place years before the exploits of Little Pip and follows the unwanted exploits of a Steel Ranger named Butter Biscuit...

    Who the hay names their foal that?

    Anyways, with the single goal of being out to seek revenge, he travels across the Equestrian Wasteland on the trail of those responsible. Unlucky for him though, even the path towards revenge can be filled with good intentions.

    - - - - - - - -

    This here is an attempt of mine to see if I can write something that can, in no way, come close to what the talented Kkat wrote. This story is based off of a roleplay of mine that unfortunately never got to stretch its wings completely. Some changes, well, technically a lot of changes, have been implemented to what I had originally thought up. However, good news about that, I already have an idea for like the first quarter or less of this story. So there really shouldn't be to many lapses in chapter output early on.
    Extra Tags:Tragedy, Dark, Crossover, Adventure

    Story:  Warzone New
    One New Chapter: 1
    Stable 50 is opened after 170 years. exiting are 5 stable dwellers lead by a security Pegasus named Flag Waver who travel through the ruins of Haycago a metropolis ravaged by the great war.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe

    Story:  Written in Sand Updated
    One New Chapter: "Best of Intentions"

    In a world where even the slightest risks can precede death, is it forgivable that so few dare to change?

    When one pony is cast against his will into the unknown, he finds that his life, his very self, and possibly the fate of an entire region may not be set in stone.

    Amidst the dust of the San Palomino Desert, with death stalking him at every turn, he is forced to confront the stark realities of survival and the convictions that he has allowed to shape his life.
    Based on the Fallout: Equestria universe, as created by Kkat. (Original Story Here)
    Extra Tags:Dark, Crossover, Adventure
    Sixteen New Chapters: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, "Prologue: Of PipBucks and Cutie Marks", "Introduction"

    Story:  Las Pegasus Updated
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 1, Page 9"
    As I'm sure you're aware, Stables are huge underground living complexes for when the balefire bombs go off. Some two hundred years ago it happened, and the beautiful surface of Equestria was transformed into a wasteland.

    I was born in Stable 77. A stable dedicated entirely to pegasuses.

    One New Chapter: "Page 10"
    Bullet Holes in post Buckingham Raider War Colterado.
    Extra Tags:Raider
    Story:  Daily Unlife [Russian] (Mirrors: [ EveryPony]) Updated
    Two New Chapters: 6, 8
    Author:Russian Translation Team
    Сие есть история похождений Лемона Фриска, гуля кантерлотского, отправившегося на поиски Смысла Нежизни. По пути повидает он всякого лиха: и сумасшедших рейдеров, и гулей диких, и рейнджеров, без меры фанатичных, и кобылицу, что не преминет потыкать скитальца в мягкий бок.
    События сего рассказа возымели место за четыре года до событий Fallout:Equestria.
    Extra Tags:Dark, Random, Crossover, Adventure, Slice of Life

    One New Chapter: 8
    Extra Tags:Grimdark, Crossover, Adventure

    One New Chapter: 3
    Ripple es un unicornio que un dia desperto sin saber nada o algo sobre el. Confundido y con enemigos detras de el solo tuvo una opcion, seguir adelante intentando sobrevivir mientras los Yermos Equestrianos le lanzan la mejor que tienen.

    Five New Chapters: 15, 16, "Volumen 1 [PDF]", 17, 18
    Blackjack es una pony unicornio quien trabaja para seguridad en el establo 99. su vida era una constante rutina , asi lo era hasta que un dia tras una serie de sucesos ella se aventura al mundo exterior donde tendra que lidiar no solo con los horrores que los yermos equestrianos tienen sino con sus propios demonios.

    Se recomienda discrecion en su lectura tienen lengua fuerte y temas sexuales.
    Story:  Fall of Hope Audio Book (Mirrors: [ MediaFire]) Updated
    Two New Chapters: 16.1, 16.2
    When raiders attack Stable 45 and kidnap his sister, Chief of Stable Security, Shadow sets out to track her down across the vast wastes of the Equestrian south west and, if possible, save her. Along the way he uncovers a threat most ponies had forgotten, or thought long since destroyed in the war. Can he and his friends stand against the gathering evil? Or is the wasteland doomed to fall forever, with no hope of ever rising again?
    Extra Tags:Sad, Dark, Crossover Adventure

    One New Chapter: 6

    One New Chapter: 2

    One New Chapter: 1

    One New Chapter: 2.1
    Author:Serene Lovely

    Story:  Gardener Audio Book Updated
    One New Chapter: 2

    Story:  Heroes Audio Book Updated
    One New Chapter: 3
    Author:WantIt Readit
    Extra Tags:Silver Storm, Wildfire, Smooth Tongue

    Three New Chapters: 11, 12, 13