• More DJ-Pon3 G4 Music Incoming, Plus G5 Tell Your Tale Album #2

    A Website called MusicBrainz has listed two new albums, including the Tell Your Tale: The Second Album and DJ Pon-3 Presents: The Remixes Vol. 2.

    If you missed the previous releases from the DJ Pon-3 collection, check them out here.  Head on down below for the details on these.

    Tell Your Tale: The Second Album

    Release Date - 10/5/2024

    Song List:  

    1. Besties 4Eva
    2. Is This a Dream?
    3. Your Number One
    4. Opaline
    5. Let Your Magic Run Wild
    6. Bestie Life
    7. Don't Lose Your Groove
    8. Feel the Magic
    9. Ain't Gonna Wait

    DJ Pon-3 Presents: The Remixes Vol. 2 

    Release date: 6/21/2024

    Song List:

    1. Welcome To The Show - Rock Remix (DJ Pon-3's Version)
    2. Equestria Girls Opening Titles Remix Extended (DJ Pon-3's Version)
    3. Friendship is Magic x Make Your Mark - Dance Mashup (DJ Pon-3's Version)
    4. Equestria Girls (Cafeteria Song) - hyperpop remix [DJ Pon-3's Version]
    5. Time To Be Awesome - 00s Pop Remix (DJ Pon-3's Version)
    6. This Day Aria - Cinematic Remix (DJ Pon-3's Version)
    7. A True, True Friend - Acoustic (DJ Pon-3's Version)
    8. My Little Pony Tema Musical en Español - Remix Pop Latino (Versión de DJ Pon-3)

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